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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Bindlestitch
Date(s): 2000-2005 (archive); mailing list 2000-present
Moderators/List Maintainers: Mary and Valeria
Fandom: Due South, Hard Core Logo, RPS
URL: (Wayback, 2004. If you follow the link, highlight to see the white text on the white background.)
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Bindlestitch is a Due South archive and slash mailing list dedicated to kink of all kinds. It was unusual for being bi-Ray during The Ray Wars, as well as for being RPS-friendly. It was named for the tool used to repair Fraser's (cough) leather boots:

Ray V: And I thought we had nothing in common.

Fraser: Bindlestitch.
Ray V: You know, you gotta stop swearing in Eskimo.
Fraser: No, a bindlestitch is a tool used by a shoemaker for lifting laces off of the leather. Our poor box thief used a bindlestitch and the waxy residue - shoe polish.
Ray V: You're making this stuff up, right?

Fraser: No.[1]

Mailing List

The Bindlestitch mailing list was founded in April 2000 and described as "A kink friendly Due South slash list." The list's third message, posted by admin Valeria (aka Vali) on April 7, 2000, describes the list as follows:

What is Bindlestitch? Glad you asked. A Due South slash list favorable to any m/m or f/f pairing, and favorable as well to crossovers, kink, BDSM, parodies, MSTings and RPS, a.k.a. Real Person Slash or actorslash. Though Mary leans toward Vecchio and myself toward Kowalski, your listmums officially swing both Rays, so feel free to argue the point at length if you the meantime, I'll be enjoying all those stories of Diefenbaker's secret longing for Benji. ;-) No het stories, please. 'Cause it's a slash list, y'see.[2]

The list also allowed for RPF content, though they insisted that list members warn for that content by putting "Realslash" in the subject line as well as in the story file itself. You did not have to warn for minorslash, rape, or even death stories, but you did have to ask the author's permission before MSTing another writer's story.


A related archive of stories was also founded in April 2000. The Bindlestitch archive was described on a rec site as: "Due South archive and B-movie women's prison. "Bindlestitch--so named for the repair job done on Fraser's lovely, lovely boots--is two-Rays-friendly, kink-friendly, weirdness-friendly and, yes, actorslash-friendly (oh, horror of all horrors!). If you have a sense of humor and yearn to flee the corpse-strewn Vecchio vs. Kowalski battlefield, come and join us." [3] The archive vanished in 2005 and does not seem to be recoverable by the Wayback machine.

This cheeky banner by Ophelia proclaims "No pairing is sacred" and features a picture of Benton Fraser and his dog Dief. Additional banners can be found here.

The archive was a member of the Sam Browne Belt webring and the Due South/Arctic Circle webring.[4]

Archive contents:

  • The BindleFAQ. Your most vital questions, not terribly articulately answered.
  • Who the Hell Do You Think You Are? The roster of Spanky—er, I mean Mary, the listowner—and the rest of Our Gang.
  • Fiction. Our ostensible purpose in life. Not the only section with stories, though, so keep lookin'...
  • Hey, Ray? You Suck! Vecchio vs. Kowalski. As Mick so brilliantly put it at Altamont, "Why are we fight-ing?!" Well, we're not, really. All in good fun. Except for the torture and death, of course. Speaking of which...
  • The Bad!Ben Page. Who's afraid of the Big Bad!Ben? Not us.
  • Kissing Cousins. It's dS actors playing non-dS characters in non-dS stories. Scary! Twitch City, Hard Core Logo and more right here.
  • Turnbull, My Turnbull. A worshipful dedication to one of the sweetest, gentlest, dumbest civil servants you could ever hope to meet.
  • Duly Distressed. Did somebody mention gratuitous bondage sequences? Some screen captures of those wonderful, special moments that put the D/s in dS. And speaking of which...
  • Benton Fraser's Better Sex Test. Are you a Fraser (sigh) or a Dewey (ugh) between the sheets? This simple test will help you find out.

Fan Comments


You knew that Bindlestitch was where the wicked Due South fans went.[5]


oh, man - I *still* miss Bindlestitch! the bestest transgressive dS group - remember the flack Bad Ben stories got from other dS lists? and how no appreciated that the group swung both Rays? that was an awesome group, and I'm tickled to still be in touch with many veterans of it.[6]


Oh, Bindlestitch....

Those were the days. (And it really had its scary moments if you were a new and shiny fan...) [7]