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Title: Payback (Paybacks)
Author(s): A. Nonny Mouse (Bren Antrim)
Date(s): 1997 or before
Length: 20K (online), 4 pages in zine
Genre: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: online here and here

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first page of this story in an unknown zine

Payback by A. Nonny Mouse is an early explicit Mulder/Skinner fic.

In one online version, it has the intro: "A little Mouse gave me this -- it's an S/M (as in Skinner/Mulder and S & M) story." [1]

The fic has an unauthorized sequel called "[1] Heaven & Hell by Palinurus. ("Part 1 of the 'Grey Zone' series. An unauthorized sequel to Brenda Antrim's 'Paybacks'. The agent, encouraged by his boss, explores new possibilities.")

Printed in an Unknown Zine

At some point (likely the early to mid 2000s) this story was printed in an unknown zine, along with Authority, and other fic. It is unknown if this was with or without permission.

Slight Title Variation

A fan in 1997 refers to the title as "Paybacks," as does the zine version. The online version by the original author calls it "Payback."


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