Little Earthquakes

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Title: Little Earthquakes
Author(s): Zen&nancy
Date(s): 2000 or before[1]
Length: 162K / 36,819 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
External Links: Little Earthquakes (House of Slack)
Little Earthquakes (Angst Archive)

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Little Earthquakes is a Duncan/Methos slash story by Zen&nancy.

Summary: D/M first time, set after FUOT. Bad guy from Methos' past wreaks havoc on our poor lads, and angst abounds. Warning: Graphic violence, rape, toe torture.

From the author's notes:

This is our first attempt at slash, or any fanfic for that matter. We would like to thank Maygra, for all of her kindness and help, she is truly our Goddess of slash.

Recs and Reviews

On the brutal side HL: An evil k’immie uses the strength of Methos and Duncan’s tentative relationship against them, in Little Earthquakes by Zen&nancy. "There is something so wonderfully demoralizing about sodomy; takes all the fight out of a man, to be conquered from within."[2]


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