Before the Exchange

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Title: Before the Exchange
Author(s): Juxian Tang
Date(s): 2000 or before
Length: 3,933 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
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Before the Exchange is a Highlander slash story by Juxian Tang.

Summary: Methos has a nasty encounter with two watchers. (Methos/other, NC-17, warning: rape. Spoilers: Methuselah's Gift)

Author's notes:
Notes: for those who don't have every Methos' episode memorized by heart, here is a brief reminder :-) Amanda and Methos try to steal Methuselah's Stone from Watcher HQ when Methos' (i. e., Adam Pierson's) boss Nathan Stern and Amanda's former watcher Geiger appear. Amanda escapes with the crystal but Methos is shot and the watchers get to know that he is an Immortal. At first they want to take his head but then decide to exchange him for the Methuselah's Stone.

Recs and Reviews

On the brutal side HL: Set during the episode Methuselah’s Gift, maybe this is what happened between Methos, Stern and Geiger, Before the Exchange, by Juxian Tang.[1]


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