Rough Ride

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Title: Rough Ride
Author(s): Caroline Dare
Date(s): 1992
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: online here

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Rough Ride is a Blake's 7 Bodie/Doyle story by Caroline Dare.

It was published in It's Greek to Me and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Rough Ride by Caroline Dare puts Bodie in a very difficult situation. Doyle's cover has been blown, and the leader of the bikers, where Bodie is undercover as a mechanic, has taken a very strong fancy to one Ray Doyle and wants to have him before they get rid of him - permanently. How Bodie saves, yet doesn't save, Doyle from a 'fate worse than death' and finally manages to escape with him makes for a fascinating and tense story. How Bodie and Doyle deal with the consequences of Bodie's actions is also very well done although the ending gets a little sugary sweet.[1]


Have you read the first story in "It's Greek To Me"? It Bodie raping Doyle to avoid him being gang raped by a motorcycle gang. Very graphic. I *almost* really like it. The cover [of the zine] might have put me off, though. YUCK! [2]


I love the basic scenario, so much that I hadn't noticed until about the third reading that the story isn't really all that well written. Amazing what flaws you'll overlook for a story that hits your kink. [3]


That zine is IT'S GREEK TO ME, and the story is "Rough Ride." That story definitely hit a kink. So much so that it took at least three readings to discover that the story wasn't as wonderfully written as I thought... (The worst offense is one paragraph where the narrator tells what should have been Bodie's dialogue.) [4]


One thing I can comment on with the Greek to Me zine (apart from how much I like the cover *bg*) is Rough Ride. I did not like this fic. I'm not overly keen on Doyle-as-helpless-victim in the way Caroline Dare generally paints him. Overly-weak Doyle annoys me as much as overly-callous Doyle, just because I don't see him as either. So that part is very much personal opinion. But maybe less personal and more of a psychological issue, is just that I do not buy the whole 'rape leads to romance' scenario. This one is possibly more credible because Bodie is forced to rape Doyle, but still -- the end is just too neat, and although stories that go between extremes, like very violent to very sentimental, can work if done well, I don't think it's particularly well handled here.[5]
Rough Ride, by Caroline Dare. 32pp. I had read Rough Ride on the CD and knew what to expect. The very first line is "He's a pretty one, innit he?" If that looks fine to you and you like rape storylines - to maintain his cover and to keep Doyle alive, Bodie must rape Doyle in front of a baying gang - you will like this. It's not so much the storyline in itself that gives me problems (although I have trouble with biker gangs hanging around undetected in clearings in unspecified locations in 70s Britain) but I don't like the long discussion at the end before the resolution - some of the emotions expressed make me wince, and some of the views expressed make me stare. The resolution itself is also something I have trouble with. A characteristic of all the Caroline Dare Pros stories I have read is that they combine very hard actions with very soft sentiment, and this is no exception. My major problem is that I just can't get past the Americanisms in both narrative and dialogue. There are pieces of UK slang in the dialogue, but they are words that would never be heard in the same sentence as each other. Finally, and oddly, Ray suddenly becomes Troy at one stage. I eventually worked out why when I found a Troy in one of the non-Pros stories in the zine by the same author. (This was fixed in the web version.) Available online.[6]


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