Hardened Criminal

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Title: Hardened Criminal
Author(s): Orithain & Nicole S.
Date(s): April 1999 - March 2000
Length: 99,100 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, Prison AU
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Hardened Criminal (RatB)
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Hardened Criminal (FHSA)
Hardened Criminal (Den of Sin)
Hardened Criminal (Phantasy Files)
Cover Hardened Criminal by The Theban Band (1999). They made covers for the first five parts of the series.

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Hardened Criminal is a Mulder/Krycek Prison AU series by Orithain and Nicole S (99,100 words). The covers are by The Theban Band and #2 and #5 were nominated in the FOX Awards in 2000.[1]

Summary: "Young Alex Krycek serves hard time in jail for gaybashing and manslaughter. One of the guards there is named Fox Mulder - and is a friend of the dead gay man's lover."[2]

Another Summary: "Mulder and Krycek do hard time in this story of captor and captive. This is set in a prison and contains rape, violence and M/M sex. You have been duly warned."[3]

From the Infinitum site:

  1. Hardened Criminal ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (61K) April 1999. Hard time for Alex, who finds himself in the pen.
  2. Lessons ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (68K) May 1999. Mulder and Krycek learn to understand each other a little better.
  3. Restoration ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (74K) June 1999. Alex recovers from being beaten, and Mulder faces facts.
  4. Correspondence ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (130K) July 1999. Out of sight, but never out of mind.
  5. Adjustments ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (136K) October 1999. Alex and Fox start to adjust to a life together.
  6. Promises Kept ~ AU, M/K, Adult-graphic (169K) March 2000. Alex and Fox move to Boston and get one with their lives.

Recs and Reviews

"Krycek’s doing hard Federal time, and Mulder’s a prison guard with an unhealthy interest, in Hardened Criminal by Orithain and Nicole S, and make sure and read the sequels: Lessons, Restoration, Correspondence, Adjustments, and Promises Kept."[4]
"I have to confess that my primary reason for reading this epic was its length, and while I like it enough to recommend it here, I must admit that I still have some problems with the issue of consent in this story. I adore Nicole and Orithain's AU setting in which Samantha is still alive, Mulder has nothing to do with the X-Files and can be happier and less driven, and where his relationship with Krycek is not poisoned by the old accusation of Krycek killing his father. The authors make sure that there is still a sizable obstacle that serves almost the same purpose, and their writing is tight, very emotional and captivating. The parallels to "Oz" are undeniable, but most of all, I have some problems with the fact that Krycek entered a happy m/m relationship with Mulder after having been raped repeatedly by him in prison. Despite my ambivalent feelings, the story is definitely a must-read in this fandom."[2]
"It's a long AU in a prison, a delicious read, even though I'm not convinced about how it all works out. Non-con warning. But it's truly one of the classics of the fandom and I've read it 3 times, so that must tell you something."[5]
"Warnings: Rape/ Non-Consensual sex, but it only lasts for so long. Then it becomes consensual. Yeah, like that ever happens in real life, sadly sometimes it probably does. No one ever said all relationships were healthy. This series is an AU in which Mulder works as a prison guard and Krycek is a prisoner convicted of a hate crime. It is way AU as you can tell. It is really good though. [...] The boys have definitely worked out a lot of shit by the time that [last] part rolls around and have moved on from overreacting and lashing out. You'll find they do a lot of that. [...] As I said, the story starts out violent and majorly angsty, but moves into the realm of happily ever after or close enough to it."[6]

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