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Name: Mog Decarnin
Alias(es): C.M. Decarnin, Camilla Decarnin
Type: writer, poet
Fandoms: Star Trek, XF, HL,SV, Criminal Minds
Other: The Garret
URL: The Cockloft, On slashcity, on DW, on LJ
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"Okay. So they aren't real men.
So we're imposing female feelings on them.
Fuck, it's about time somebody did."
~ C.M. Decarnin, on slash characterization.[1]

  • Fanfiction writer and poet
  • Involved in Wiscon and the Tiptree Awards
  • Contributed an essay, "Delusion and the feminist" to the 1993 reprinting of the Khatru Symposium [2]
  • Published essay, "Slash Fiction," in The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, ed. Gaetan Brulotte and John Phillips (Routledge, 2006)
  • Co-editor, Worlds Apart with Eric Garber, Lyn Paleo (Paperback, 1986)

Mog passed away in 2010.

A Fan's Comments: 2006

C.M. Decarnin is one of my favorite authors. I don't know of a single story she has written that I haven't liked. She is not for everyone. Her stories are hardcore and not for the tenderhearted. They contain rape, consensual and non-consensual bondage, S/M, extreme violence. Of course she can also be light heart and sickening sweet. [3]

Notable Stories



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