Cold (Star Wars TPM story by Elektra Pendragon)

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Title: Cold
Author(s): Elektra Pendragon
Date(s): 2000 or before
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
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Cold is Star Wars TPM slash story by Elektra Pendragon.

Summary: Feeling lonely and on the verge of becoming a knight, nineteen-year-old Anakin tries everything to get warm, but instead he discovers new meaning to the word "cold." Yet another Bad Ani story.

Category: Non Q/O, point of view, angst, rape. O/An, An/P
Rating: NC-17, Explicit. Drug use, non-con male/male, and violent rape.
Warning: I cannot repeat the phrase "Rape" enough. It is unpleasant and explicit, and do not read if this thing bothers you. Also, notice the phrase "Drug Use"--this is also unpleasant.

Recs and Reviews

Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...) PM: On the verge of his trials, Ani is too sad, too alone, too Cold in this bitter tale from Elektra Pendragon.[1]


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