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A bothist is an X-Files fandom term which originated around 1999 on[1] and usually used as a self description of being a fan of either both Mulder and Scully and/or David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Being a bothist means that one does not prefer one character or actor over the other. The opposite would be a One True Character like a Duchovniak, Mulderist or Scullyist.

Some Meta-ish contemplation/uses of the term

" I consider myself a "Bothist" - that is, not just a Mulderist or a Scullyist - because I can see the best and worst in both of them. "

Chronicle X Interview with Michaela

"It’s strange that Mulder can annoy me so much and yet I still essentially consider myself a bothist. Mainly I suppose I consider myself a bothist because I’m only slightly more interested in Scully without Mulder than I am in Mulder without Scully. They need to be partners in order to be the characters that drew me in in the first place. But also, I have the fanfic to thank, because fanfic Mulder is usually pretty wonderful at bringing the scales of preference back into balance.

"When I first read this fic, years ago, I distinctly remember thinking how amazingly well it had captured Mulder’s character. That was back when I was far more of a bothist than I seem to be now.Now I read this fic and I love it because it’s a Mulder characterization that I love to bits. It’s how I wish he was."

1/3? - aka - How the heck did my comment get this long? God.

"(...)I'm more of a bothist, generally speaking(...)"

"(...)I really am a Bothist (as if anyone talked that way now), in that if the power balance is too far tilted in any story I become uneasy.(...)"