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Synonyms: Keith Uhlich
See also: Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Ausiello
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Paley Guy is the nick name of Big Name Fan and journalist Keith Uhlich in the X-Files fandom. Uhlich hosted a 20th anniversary panel featuring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the Paley Center for Media on October 12th 2013[1].

Philes were surprised by Uhlich's in depth knowledge of the X-Files, it's mytharc and dialogue. Uhlich was also able to quote from old interviews Anderson and Duchovny have given. Soon after the panel, fans praised Uhlich via twitter for his witty and insightful questions to the actors. Some time after that, Uhlich changed his twitter bio to

Writer. New York Film Critics Circle. X-FILES aficionado. Nickname: Paley Guy

Uhlich became a fan favorite and was suggested by several fans to host other X-Files convention panels like the NYCC 2017 X-Files panel (which was eventually hosted Michael Ausiello) or potential panel at the FanExpo Vancouver in November 2017 (which didn't happen). Uhlich commented on this via twitter "I (and my magnetite-infused Pffft! stiletto) am game."

A fan commented about Uhlich on twitter:

@paleycenter #paleyguy is seriously the gold standard for #TheXFiles fans! ;-)

Poor moderator [at the Spooky Empire Con, Orlando, 2018] tried his best but we all know it’s not easy to moderate Gillovny unless you are The Paley Guy.

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