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Name: XFiles-Mania
Owner/Maintainer: elaqua
Dates: 1999 (? wayback) - today
Type: ressource website, news site, message board, community
Fandom: X-Files
URL: http://www.xfiles-mania.de/ XFM.png
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XFilesMania (als known as XFM) is a German X-Files online community and news website. It is one of the two largest German-speaking X-Files websites and communities, the other one was the now defunct site TXF.de.

The message board and community, which are called Spookes[1] still can be considered as the biggest German-Speaking X-Files communities on the web. As of October 2017, the member lists contains 7,828 entries. Although by now most of the members have migrated to other social media plattforms like the Facebook group Akte X Fans that currently lists 3400+ members[2] and tumblr, the community is still active.

Beginning (1999? - 2005)

During the first six years the website and community focused solely on the Carterverse shows, especially The X-Files.

Mania-Network and my-mania.eu (2005 - 2016)

During the airing of the show Alias, a community called Alias-Mania was created which existed from 2003 to 2009. Other Mania Networks were created for the shows Desperate Housewives and CSI.

In 2005, an extra section in the message board was added for fans of the TV show Lost and a community for fans of the show added which has been accessible since 10 April 2005 via http://lost-mania.de/. Members of the XFM Lost community were called "Losties".

This lead in 2007 to the creation/temporary move of the community to my-mania.eu which served as some kind of portal for several shows and fandoms and used Yahoo! 360° technologies. The project seem to have been abandoned since 2011.[3] Yahoo 360° services have been discontinued in January 2013.[4]

2016 - today

In 2016 the site was redesigned and only the news archive, message board, episode guide and a section for purchasing merchandise remained. All other content was dropped. The Lost Message Boards remained at my-mania.eu and are still accessible there.[5]

The "Lost" message board and "off topic" discussions about recent shows like The Expanse are still active at my-mania.eu.[6]


XFM contains the following categories:

  • episode guide
  • news archive
  • Message Board
  • photo gallery (1999 -2016)
  • cast & crew (1999 -2016)
  • upcoming episodes (1999 -2016)
  • guest book (1999- 2006)
  • polls (2003 - 2016)
  • Multimedia section (some videos)/Downloads (1999 -2016)
  • linklist (1999 - 2003)