Akte X Fans

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Name: Akte X Fans
Date(s): 20 February 2012-present
Moderator: Kathrin S.
Founder: Kathrin S.
Type: closed Facebook group
Fandom: X-Files, Carterverse
URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20737333398/
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Akte X Fans is a closed German-speaking mainly X-Files Facebook group. Although the main focus is on discussions and news about The X-Files and it's main actors, discussion about the other Carterverse shows and actors is also allowed and encouraged. Lots of users migrated from the XFM message boards to the group.

Due to an increase of troll and spam posting after Season X was aired, the group was changed to a closed group in January 2016.

As of October 30, 2017 it has 3,442 members which may make it the largest active German-speaking X-Files community on Facebook and on the internet. While XFilesMania lists more members in total, the message board is way less active than the Facebook group.


"Darf ja wohl nicht wahr sein, dass es noch keine deutsch-sprachige Akte X Gruppe gibt?! Das ändere ich hiermit mal schleunigst :)."

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