The X Files (Facebook group)

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Name: The X Files
Date(s): 2nd June 2010 -present
Moderator: Benny H, Alicia P.
Founder: Raymond R.
Type: closed Facebook group
Fandom: X-Files, Carterverse
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The X Files is a closed X-Files community on Facebook. As Of November 2nd, 2017 it listed 24,323 members, which may make it one of the largest X-Files communities on the net and a close second in numbers to /r/XFiles.

Main topics are picture posts and "Guess the episode" games as well as news and people posting which episode/season they have watched most recently. During the the shooting of Season X and Season XI, videos and pictures were also posted.

The community language is English, but some threads are in different languages since the members are from all over the world.


To all the phine Philes on this page, some friendly reminders about this group:
  • 👽Keep it X-Files related.
  • 👽Don't share posts from other fan pages.
  • 👽Don't spam everyone with 14 random pictures in 10 minutes.
  • 👽Don't try to sell anything.
  • 👽Debate is fine, personal attacks are not. Be respectful, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  • 👽No politics, this isn't the right forum for that.
  • 👽Do not complain if you see something you dont like just scroll on ....

UPDATE 8/18 If you want to share S11 production pics that give away plot, please give a spoiler warning, then post picture in the comments! As mentioned in the description this group is all about the TV Show the X-files. IF you are also interested in real x-files (UFOs, Aliens, Conspiracies etc.) Please dont post it here but in our sister group. This is our sister group for REAL x-files. Stop by and have a look.


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