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Fan Theory
Fan Theory: Ringgate
Synonyms: #RingGate, related to Wifegate
Origin: Tumblr
Fandom(s): The X Files
Dates: 2015
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Ringgate is a X-Files Fandom term that originated on tumblr around October and November 2015 before the broadcast of the tenth X-Files season. It is some kind of sub-gate of Wifegate.

The theory

I did forget Ringgate! A sub-gate, if you will. There were set photos of Scully with something around her neck that looked like it very well could be a wedding ring on a chain – as if, perhaps, Scully had been married to someone but was now separated from them and didn’t want to wear the ring on her hand anymore but still had a lot of love for that person and didn’t want to completely stop wearing it either. 🤔🤔🤔

Later this turned out to be the quarter that Maggie Scully had been wearing as a necklace, from Home Again. But at the time, it was DEFINITELY a point in favor of Wifegate.

Interestingly…or tellingly…back when IWTB spoilers were coming out, there was ALSO a time when we saw a blurry set photo and speculated that it looked like someone (I don’t remember who – Mulder?) was wearing a wedding ring (on his finger this time). Unfortunately, that also was not the case. Le sigh.

(This fandom also went through a period, prior to S10, when there was a lot of derision over the idea of Mulder and Scully ever getting married. I guess some folks felt it would be out of character for them. In the face of the M/S breakup spoiler, however, it very quickly became a pretty damn appealing alternative.)

You forgot the ringate :), myassbrokethefall.tumblr.com

The History of Ringgate

Ringgate started with the release of a promotional clip for the episode Home Again.[1]

Fans tried to enhance the picture from the trailer, but the result seem to have been still inclusive:

I downloaded the HD promo from YouTube and played it back frame-by-frame in several media players and took some screenshots from VLC player, which seemed like the clearest image. I included Mulder’s left hand for reference, as well.

I want to believe there’s a ring but I’m not convinced. I think it may just be grainy video, or some digital “noise,” which was more prominent in QuickTIme and DIVX player.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble…

#RingGate Update https://baybscully.tumblr.com/, Oct 27th, 2015

I see two necklaces but I’m just not buying the wedding ring theory. It doesn’t look like a ring to me. /:

fluke--woman.tumblr.com, Oct 19th, 2015

Anonymous asked: Is ring gate confirmed yet in fandom? If not and anyone need more proof, go check Gillian's photo tweeted on 18th Aug. U can see its on her left hand if turn up the brightness of the photo.

https://perplexistan.tumblr.com, October 28th 2015

XFilesNews confirmed during their coverage of the EWFest on October 24th 2015, that both Ringgate and Wifegate were not true.[2]

Ringgate debunked

The airing of the third episode of the 10th season title Home Again debunked the theory:

"What we initially thought might have been a ring around Scully’s neck in promo shots was actually the quarter."