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Synonyms: Fore heading[1]
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Forehead Sex (sometimes also referred to as fore heading) is a popular trope in the X-Files Fandom which is heavily featured in fanworks, especially Fan art and Fan vids. It usually depicts the characters Mulder and Scully in an embrace with their foreheads touching. Where other pairings would lean together to kiss, for MSR-Shippers for seven years this was the only thing they got and for those it became the equivalent of a kiss, which eventually led to the coining of the term Forehead sex.


Chris Carter's original intent was to keep that relationship between Mulder and Scully professional and platonic. The developing friendship of the characters bred intimacy, so hand holding and forehead touching as well as gazing become the only means of writers and actors to convey that the bond between the agents went deeper that just friendship. In canon, famous "Forehead touching".

In Canon famous "forehead sex" moments can be found in:

  • the episode Memento Mori (during shooting a unscripted kiss instead the forehead kissing was filmed) and the season 7 opener Amor Fati and season 7 finale Requiem
  • the movies Fight the Future (during shooting a unscripted kiss instead the forehead kissing was filmed) and I Want To Believe. The latter also featured a kiss. Especially the two moments from the movies can be found as subject of various fan art.

The trope in The X-Files Fandom

Forehead Sex

Forehead Sex is the most common sexual relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and other various characters from The X Files. It has been said that its the safest way to consumate yet, bumps are always created after a heated session. Scully and Mulder were forehead sexing by the unremarkable house.

This is something we rarely had the pleasure of seeing these two do but, it stuck out to every one of us as their most intimate of gestures. It is personally one of my favorite moments between the two of them. It wasn’t outplayed or overused. When they touched each other like this it meant they really, sincerely cared about each other, they wanted to be so close to each other, skin to skin, and didn’t know how else to convey it. It was something that always happened in the most private of settings. Also, notice how Scully is always on the right and Mulder is always on the left and how Scully always nuzzles his forehead. Go back and watch the scenes. She does it in Per Manum, IWTB, and even when they are laying in be together in The Truth. Happy sigh…


when your otp does the forehead touching thing (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿)

I agree, Mulder and Scully forehead touching is indeed very intimate; GD78 calls it Forehead Sex.

Re: Why the Mulder/Scully relationship is so beautiful by SpecialAgent88 June 11th, 2012

@thexfiles We have forehead sex and now flashlight sex. #XFilesRevival



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