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HeArt (also known as HeArt for charity) is a charity founded by two X-Philes/Gillian Anderson fans where fanart by both professional and amateur artist is auctioned to raise money for Off The Street Kids.

Many well known fanart artists from the X-Files fandom such as worry, ruru-in-the-stars or Sarah L Robinson supported heART by creating work or offered commission work for auctions. Gillian Anderson supported the effort by signing selected artwork.

Their last effort was the Scully's 50th Birthday Charity where they raised GBP 1679,44 for SA-YES, X-Phil Antropy raised GBP 1,189,12 which resulted in a total ammount of GBP 2868,56.

heART is fan organisation conducting non-profit activities, founded by Roxane L and Sophie G in 2009. It assembles professional and amateur artists from around the world, who share the same passions and belief – art is more than what meets the eye -, to raise funds for charity. Their generosity makes a compelling statement: art can make a difference.

heART is inspired by the charity work of actress Gillian Anderson, and specifically National Doodle Day. Therefore our artwork will be focusing on picturing herself as well as personae from her work on various motion picture, television and theater productions. By doing so, we are not looking to infringe on any personal and/or copyrights.

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