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Synonyms: Gillysexual
See also: SWILS
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Andersexual is a Portmanteau term that originated in Gillian Anderson fandom.

It is (often jokingly) used to describe the fact that many of Anderson's otherwise straight female and homosexual male fans are confused about their attraction to Gillian Anderson.[1]

On Tumblr and Twitter bios, pictures, videos are often tagged or commented with the term.[2]

Some fans, especially on tumblr don't like the term because they think it's homophobic.[citation needed] This could be the reason that tumblr, sometimes the term Gillysexual is used instead, maybe to distance from any homo- or biphobic/b inclinations:

Anonymous asked:
"Gillysexual" = new favorite word.
I know, right?? I can’t remember where I heard it, but it’s the perfect way to describe what I consider my sexuality to be right now: heterosexual, and not in any way opposed to bisexuality or homosexuality, but at this point, Gillian Anderson is the only female I could see myself going for (and plus, I’m married, and she’s the only one my husband would give me a pass for-ha!).