Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade

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Mailing List
Name: Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade (GATB)
Date(s): founded in 1994 sometime before mid-July [1]
Fandom: The X-Files
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Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade was brigade for the X-Files character Dana Scully and the actress who portrayed her.

The GATB's motto is "GA is IDDG" which stands for "Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous."

It was a sister brigade to David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade and the community member numbers paled in comparison.

A 1994 comment from Gillian Anderson: "I've been told that on one of the computer services there's something called the Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade," says Anderson with a laugh. "That just tickles me." [2]

In 1994, there was talk of forming a DSTB (Dana Scully Testosterone Brigade) in deference to Anderson's new marital status. [3] This brigade, however, appears not to have been created.


The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade (GATB) is a group of guys on the 'net who admire everything there is about the X-Files' female star, Gillian Anderson (GA). Originally a backlash to the venerable David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB), the GATB was the one of, if not the first truly organized Gillian fan groups dating back to 1994 when the series was in its first season. Why do we love Gillian? Quite simply, she is a wonderful actress who plays a character that is both a role model for women and an object of complete, unabated affection for men. (and women, too!) The GATB's motto is "GA is IDDG" which stands for "Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous." Ms. Anderson's portrayal of Scully is, for many of us, a personification of "a real woman," not yet another TV bimbo chasing after criminals in high-heels. She isn't a supermodel and doesn't try to be. She has shown a range of emotion on the show that has qualified her as one of the top actresses in Hollywood. We hope that you have come to appreciate her as we have. [4]