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Brigades were first created by Star Trek fans in order to express their appreciation for specific celebrities. Brigades began in 1993 with the creation of Siddig El Faddil Estrogen Brigade. Shortly afterwards, Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade (PSEB), was formed. [1]

Early brigades had a focus of actors. Later brigades also included characters. The term "brigade" was also incorporated into the names of many early online fiction archives.

While brigade members were almost overwhelmingly females admiring males, fans were not required to be of one gender. A fan in 1994 said: "Despite the naming conventions the DDEB and GATB do NOT discriminate based on gender." [2] This caveat, however, was more for show than reality. Most brigades were generally made up of women, and were originally devoted to a (male) actor. "Testosterone Brigades," whose members were mainly males appreciating female actors, were less common. One very rare example of a brigade that did not fit the usual mold was the Mitch Pileggi Pheromone Brigade.

Shortly after Gillian Anderson married in 1994, a fan mentions their attempts to maintain boundaries regarding celebrity's personal lives and their professional work: "There is now talk of forming a DSTB (Dana Scully Testosterone Brigade) in deference to Anderson's marital status...." [3]

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