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You may be looking for Carterverse.

Name: X-Files Universe, XFU, X-Files Universe Forums
Owner/Maintainer: maurisap
Dates: September 6th 2010 - 2016 (resource page) [1] - 2016- October 2018[2](message board only)
Type: resource site, Message Board, fanfiction archive
Fandom: X-Files
URL: http://xfilesuniverse.com/forum/
The X-Files Universe homepage in 2011
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X-Files Universe (also known as XFU) was an X-Files community and resource website created by maurisap and run by 8 X-Philes. After a brief downtime in August 2016, nowadays only the message board is still accessible.

In 2011,[3] the site featured a news section about cast & crew of The X-Files, a chat room, a fan fiction archive and contests as well as an X-Files photo gallery. It was member of the The Syndicate network.


The top site for news,forums and fanfiction. A home for every phile. Come join us and share your views on the show.

Fandom Policing of Gillovny discussions

In September 2010 the X-Files Universe message board was set up and became one of the most popular X-Files messages boards around whose most active thread with over 30462 hits as of 2017 was GA & DD: Did something happen between them in the past? until the discussion was fandom policed by a member of the board in 2012[1]

Fan Activism