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Name: Bill Williamson, Bill Williams
Occupation: love scene supervisor
Fandom: X-Files
Other: parody
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Bill Williamson is a fictitious X-Files Season 11 crew member whose responsibility is to make sure that in every episode of Season XI features at least one love scene with good lighting. On his tumblr blog he posts "updates" and fake spoilers about his attempts to sneak in sex scenes during the shooting while Carter is looking the other way.

My official title is love scene supervisor but you won’t find me on any call sheets. Chris Carter doesn’t want you to know what I do, in fact he doesn’t even want to know what I do, it scares him, that’s why I’m here.

The name is a pun created by the fans on tumblr, stemming from Carter's repeated use of the name William/Bill on the show, for example:

As early as of May 2001, X-Philes were making fun of Carter's fondness for the name William:

William: Tenthirteenian; meaning "lack of creativity"

The Name Game, taken from News for the OBSSEsed Issue 40

And still in 2017, fans are having laugh about this:

"Bill Williamson"
A plausible name for a new X-Files character, according to Chris Carter. As envisioned by @noifsandsorbees. (via mulderina)

And even X-Files star David Duchovny made fun of the way Carter likes to name his characters:

Knowing the way that Chris likes to name characters, I’m surprised we haven’t had one called Cliff Hanger.

David Duchovny, NYCC 2017

At an reddit AMA in January 2018, Carter was asked why "everyone's name william or a variation of william ? is there some significance in that name or do you just like confusing everyone?". He replied: "It's my father's name and my brother's name - and I like it."[1]


X-Philes are known to suffer well. Series creator Chris Carter insisted during the original run of the show that the relationship between Mulder and Scully shall remain strictly platonic. Because of this, some scripted scenes that would feature the X-Files equivalent of kiss, the forehead touching resulted in several unscripted kisses initiated by the actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.[2][3]

Carter loves to troll/tease the fans. In the first X-Files movie, a bee stings Scully just before Mulder can kiss her. Scully has an allergic shock and is abducted on the way to the hospital.

He wrote a kiss in the season 6 episode Triangle he also directed but instead of having the real Mulder and Scully kiss, Carters sends Mulder into a time warp were he kisses a 1939 doppelgänger/AU version of Scully. The whole kiss happens in semi darkness, so that shipper hardly saw anything from the kiss.

The first real kiss between Mulder and Scully happens in a hospital hallway on New Year's Day 2000, but the peck that Mulder gives Scully's closed lips again wasn't what the Mulder and Scully shippers had in mind.

The next real kiss happened at the end of the season 8 finale "Existence". Holding there new-born son between them, the camera pens back during the kiss from the couple. This time, at least the lighting department appeared reported set for work.

The last kiss in the original series happened in the series final episode "The Truth" where Scully kisses Mulder who is held in a military brig in front of an embarrassed Skinner. Again, this kiss happens in half shadows and most of the action is hidden by the actors's hands.

The cake takes the kiss at the end the second X-Files movie, I Want To Believe. This kiss happens in broad daylight, is well lighted and a close up of the actors, but director Carter decided to let the camera perform a weird sideway pan away from the couple. In the behind the scene material for the movie, the shooting of the scene can be seen where Carter watches the kiss scene on a monitor where he laughs and remarks tongues during one of the takes and then smiles at the camera. Nevertheless, the viewer never saw that take.[4]

In 23 years, 206 episodes and two movies, X-Philes saw three kisses between their OTP, but all of them lacked what a viewer would expect giving how other showrunner have handled romance between characters. Although Scully got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, no love scene was every seen on the show or even something more than hand holding, forehead touching or embraces.

Since it's very likely, that Season 11 could be the last adventures of Mulder and Scully, MSR shipper are finally hoping/getting desperate for an acknowledgement of Mulder and Scully's physical and absolutely non-platonic relationship:

Dear Chris Carter,

It’s not 1996 it’s 2017 no one trusts the fucking government.
Now let Mulder and Scully fuck in good lighting. Honestly it’s all we’ve ever wanted. God Damn.
The entire X-Files Fandom

P.S. You’re fucking Welcome.