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Synonyms: X-Files Fandom, xf fandom, XDom/X-dom[1]
See also: The X-Files, X-Phile, Shipping,
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Philedom is a term that is still used to refer to the X-Files fandom in general. It's usually used by X-Philes.

XFilesNews is the fandom's main news website.

The X-Files was the first internet-based fan base of the '90s, undoubtedly the forerunner to how we discuss and debate our favorite television shows online today.

From The X-Files: A History of the Fandom by Matt Allair

The X-Files stands in a unique place in the world of fandom. While it is certainly not the first property to have a rabid fanbase, The X-Files premiered right around the time that the internet was becoming readily accessible. Because of that, it gave birth to a new type of fandom, with a new vocabulary and a new way of existing.

From How The X-files Helped Shape Modern Fandom — Including Shipping by Alyse Wax


The term probably originated at the usenet discussion group where one of the earliest usages of the term was on April 26th 1994 by Kevin Roberson in a reply to Paula J. Vitaris [2]

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