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Name: The official Gillian Anderson Website
Owner/Maintainer: former owners
  • originally created by Chris Baxter (March 1996)
  • Chris Baxter Cynthia Schmidt (August 1996 - 2000 )[1]
  • Chris Baxter, Cynthia Schmidt and Becca Sherrill (2000 - 2011)
  • Becca Sherrill and Mari Garcia (2011)
  • current administrator: Mari Garcia 2011 - today
Dates: April 28, 1996[2] - today
Type: official website, resource website
Fandom: Gillian Anderson
URL: (1996-2002), (2002 - today)
current GAWS layout
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GAWS is the abbreviation for the official website of actress Gillian Anderson which was created by a fan under the name The Gillian Anderson Worship Site (which also abbreviated as GAWS) in 1996, although it really has been around in other forms since March 3, 1996.

The original GAWS layout from 1996 to 2002


The site is a resource website that contains news about the actress, an archive that includes transcripts of most of the interviews in English, a multimedia archive with pictures and some videos and sound files as well as a message board.


The GAWS start page/splash screen from 2003

Since March 10, 1997 the site was reachable via the url / where it resided until 2002. The original layout features light blue font on a dark blue background was used until 2002 where the design was changed to a design that still looks similar to the current design that featured dark green font on a white background. The site originally started as a fan page, but became official some time before 1998.

The GAWS layout from from 2009

With this redesign, the navigation was overhauled and sections for news (and a news archive) and with biographical information and Gillian's favourites were added, were the actress regularly updated books she was reading or music she was currently listening to. Also a page for the various charities the actress supports was created. In 1999, the OBSSE joined GAWS in their fundraising and NF awareness efforts by hosting and participating in "Scully Marathons".[3]

In the beginning of 2003, the site moved to the URl where it still can be found today. The old url still redirects the visitor to the new url. Small design updates followed in 2006 (where the message board was removed) and 2009 where the splash screen was omitted and for the last 9 years the layout has been the same.

In 2012 links to Gillian Anderson's official social media profiles on Facebook and twitter were added.