Have You Seen Me Lately

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Title: The X-Files Have You Seen Me Lately
Creator: Lyle
Date: 2002, 2004
Format: digital
Length: 5:03 (original 2002 version), 4:51 minutes (2004 version)
Music: Keri Noble - Have you seen me lately
Genre: Cancer Arc
Fandom: The X-Files
Footage: The X-Files season, 2 season 4 and season 5
URL: Download of the 2004 version at ExeterStreet, watch here at youtube

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This Scully-centric music video that features scenes from the Cancer Arc of the X-Files season 2, 4 and 5. It shows Scully's struggles with showing vulnerability,being dependant on others and what the diagnosis means to her, her family, Mulder and Skinner. The song is a dramatic piano ballad taken from singer/songwriter Keri Noble's 2002 debut album Lullaby, although some thunder sound effects elements have been added for the video in the 2004 version.

Original Version

The version originally released in 2002 had a running time on 5:03 minutes and features an intro with the word "tribute to Leyla Harrison" and starts with a voice over by Scully from the episode Never Again but significant less voice overs. Only footage from season 4 and five is used.

Revised Version

Lyle released another, more dramatic version in 2004 which is 10 seconds shorter than the original version. It features more voice overs and additional thunder elements which are not included on Keri Nobles recording. This version also features audio from Scully's therapy sessions with an FBI counselor. The "tribute to Leyla Harrison" text card is also missing. [1]

Description from ExeterStreet:

"The video that has inspired t-shirts... This dramatic video was produced for the 2002 'Tribute to Leyla' charity project, in memory of prominent author and "X-Files" fan Leyla Harrison.

For her portrayal of Agent Dana Scully in THE X-FILES, Gillian Anderson has received Best Actress awards from the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild and Viewers for Quality Television."

Quotes from fans about the video

in 2016 a fan commented on youtube for the 2004 version:

After many many years still my favorite fan video. Although it hurts over and over again 😖 Love their relationship in season four.

in 2013 a fan noted:

I've been watching this video for over 10 years now. STILL pulls at my heartstrings and gives me goosebumps.!

a fan commented in 2010:

Really, so emotional!!! so many feelings!!!!!

so much struggle!!! and above all the song embrace images!!!


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