Leyla Harrison

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Name: Leyla Harrison
Alias(es): The Enigmatic Dr. Scully, Sparkle
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The X-Files
URL: www.geocities.com/Area51/vault/1377/index.html and leylaslandofpurple.xffics.com/fanfic.html
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Leyla Harrison was an x-phile fan and popular fanwriter during the height of the series' popularity, who was well-known on the Philedom message boards and Usenet groups. Some of her works have been translated into German.[1] and also was archived at The Eurisko Archive.

Leyla passed away in 2001.

Some of Her Fiction

A Fan's Comments: 1998

Leyla has been writing quality fanfic for quite a while now. In addition to the fact that she is a talented erotica writer, her many Scully cancer stories were some of the best I've read. You can find most of her work on her webpage. Her latest piece, a wonderful look at a Scully finally breaking with depression, is not there yet, but to read "Un Ange la Nuit" that link will hook you up with DejaNews where it can be found. No doubt you will want a laugh after that so take time to take in the hilarious parody "Mulder and Scully Have Sex" co-authored with Madeleine Partous. [2]

Her Death and Her Memorials

She passed away in February 2001. In May of that same year, in the episode Alone, Agent Leyla Harrison was introduced as a tribute to her. In 2002, Agent Harrison returned in the ninth season episode Scary Monsters.

In 2001, a fan named Leyla Harrison, a highly talented writer of X-Files fan fiction, died from melanoma after a long struggle with the disease. The Scully character had a lengthy cancer storyline on the show (for which Gillian Anderson won the Emmy that year) around the same time as Leyla was first diagnosed. Many of Leyla's stories, but certainly not all, were Scully point-of-view narratives as the character came to terms with the diagnosis and what the cancer was doing to her life. These stories are beautifully told, and I'm sure full of Leyla's own firsthand experiences, which makes them even more poignant. Just after she died and right before David Duchovny left the show for good, the episode "Alone" was aired, featuring Special Agent Leyla Harrison, who was named in her honor as a tribute. Appropriately, the Agent Harrison character was full of X-Files trivia and obscure references, just like a real-life fan of the show.[3][4][note 1]

The 2002 version of Lyles Scully-centric fanvid Have You Seen Me Lately featured an intro with the words "tribute to Leyla Harrison". According to the description from ExeterStreet the video: "that has inspired t-shirts... This dramatic video was produced for the 2002 'Tribute to Leyla' charity project, in memory of prominent author and "X-Files" fan Leyla Harrison.

His name appears on the memorial site The X-Files Lost and Found FAQ along with others authors and fans who left the fandom too soon.[5]

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Notes and References


  1. ^ "When a popular X-Files fanfiction writer was battling a recurrence of melanoma, an online friend sent a letter to co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz, asking him to write to her. Spotnitz did. When he learned this year that she had died, he was preparing to write an episode about a young FBI agent who knows and loves everything about the X-Files and Agents Mulder and Scully. "I hadn't decided if it was a man or a woman yet. But when she passed away, it felt like too perfect a way to pay tribute to her," he said of his decision to name the character Special Agent Leyla Harrison, after the woman." -- from a 2001 article in The Washington Post called The E-Files