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Name: The X-Files Lost & Found
Dates: ?-last updated August 10, 2010
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: The X-Files Lost & Found, Archived version
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The X-Files Lost & Found was a fic finder website for X-Files fans.

The site contains a message board, a links page, a list of stories that fit a theme, and site guidelines. It is NOT an archive of fiction.

The message board is where most of the action is. It is there that fans ask other fans for information about finding fics.

One list of fics posted at the site is: Classics (or, Your Fanfic Education is Not Complete Until You've Read ...).

A FAQ collection can be found on


...So Many Fics How can you possibly remember them all?

That's what The X-Files Lost & Found is for!

Are you looking for a certain fanfic, but can't remember the title or the author? Have you read something fantastic and want more of the same? Or are you a wealth of fanfic knowledge?

The X-Files Lost & Found is the place to find that elusive fanfic...or help others find it! [1]


Just a few rules to Lost & Found by.


Many authors guard their various identities (real and online) very carefully. Please respect their preference by refraining from mentioning authors' aliases on the board until you are confident they are willing to share them.


Discuss it, recommend it, ask for it, even request links to it - anything connected to fanfic is considered on-topic. This is not to say that off-topic posts are forbidden. On the contrary, the Lost & Found visitors are very friendly, intelligent, resourceful people. So if you have something off-topic to share, you're welcome to do so. Labeling your post OT (off-topic), however, is a common courtesy for those visitors who come only for the fanfic.

In the same vein, if you're requesting actorfic (fanfic about the actors, not the characters), please put the word "actorfic" somewhere in the subject. We allow posts about actorfic on the board, but many in the X-Files fandom view it as distinct from fanfiction. It requires, therefore, its own version of an off-topic warning.


Many of the Lost & Found visitors are passionate about fanfic and have just as passionate opinions about it. They also vary a great deal in these opinions. This makes for a great resource, but it can also lead to occasional tension.

So feel free to voice any of your opinions and join any discussions, but I ask that you refrain from attacking either an author or a poster. Criticize an author's fic or attack the content of a poster's message, but once you've ventured into personal attack, I reserve the right to end the discussion.

Remember, too, that everyone at the Lost & Found presents themselves solely with words. Without facial expression, tone of voice, and gesture, it's easy to misconstrue a poster's intention. [2]

Themed Lists

They are linked here: X-Files Lost and Found FAQ, Archived version, the FAQ was last updated October 10, 2010

NOTE: We'd like you to be aware of a few things:

First, the themes lists are simply that--lists. We've tried to find as many stories as possible to fit each theme people seem to be interested in. These aren't recommendations. In fact, many of them probably haven't even been read. In other words, there is no lifeguard on duty--swim at your own risk!

Second, there are some funky and strange themes here, so choose wisely. If you are easily squicked, you might want to avoid clicking on lists like BDSM, Kink, etc. The stories on the lists are not FDA approved or safety tested.

And finally, the stories we are all talking about are based on characters from The X-Files, which is the property of many different people, not a single one of whom has anything to do with this website. We mean no infringement and are not making any profit. It's just for fun, guys!

Message Board

Welcome to The X-Files Lost and Found Board.

Having trouble remembering the title or author of a fanfic? Search for it here. Are you a wealth of fanfic knowledge? Please, share it. But when you post a request, PLEASE be specific in the subject line. Title, author, or genre of fic will narrow down the search and direct people who may know what you're looking for. Generic or vague "Looking for a fic" subject lines are not helpful, as that's all we do here. And while off topic posts are allowed, we'd all appreciate an OT in the subject line so we know you're not asking a fic question.

It's all about the fic, so it's all good. Thank you for your co-operation [3]

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