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Name: FOX Official X-Files Message Board
Date(s): 1995(?)-2001 (at, 2001 - January 2008(?) at
Moderators/List Maintainers: ?, previously maggie_x
Founder(s): FOX
Type: message board
Fandom: X-Files
URL: (defunct, purposely wiped out), Foxx Files (defunct, purposely wiped out)
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The Official X-Files Message Board was a message board for fans of the X-Files which was available through the official website of the show located at

It was first hosted by, where it was accessible via the url Around November 1999 the board was moved with an creation/update of the Official X-Files website to a flash based version[1] and after a merge of Delphi and Wellengaged[2] to be hosted by the new formed Prospero Technologies [3] until around January 2008, which is the date of the last available wayback snapshot of the board[4].

For a certain time between November 1999 and September 2001, both boards at delphi and propsero seem to have been active at the same time with the delphi board probably being read-only.[5]


  • During the opening credits of the ninth season of the show, after "FBI Contacts: Witnesses and Contributors" a different list of names can be seen on a piece of paper. All the names are screen names from on-line fans of the show. For the first 11 episodes, screen names were were randomly picked from various X-Files message boards, including the Official X-Files Message Board. For other episodes, the names were chosen from a contest.
  • According to a rumour, some writers from the show would read the postings to gauge fan reactions to their episodes. One strong rumour floated around that a member with the screen name DFOWLEY was actually showrunner Chris Carter, because posts of the poster indicated that the author "is, indeed, very talented and clever writer who had a deep understanding of the television and motion picture production industries." [6]Asked whether he participated in online discussion, Carter always denied everything.

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