Focused on Nick Lea

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Name: Focused on Nick Lea
Date(s): 2000(?)-today
Archivist: Aqualegia
Founder: Aqualegia
Type: actor-centric fanfic and resource archive
Fandom: The X-Files, Once a Thief, others
URL: (old) (new)

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Focused on Nick Lea (FONL) is a website devoted to the Canadian actor, Nicholas Lea, maybe best known as the actor who played Alex Krycek on The X-Files. The site features an archive with fiction about any Nick Lea character, with the exception of any fiction based on "The Investigation"; as this is based on a real person. The archivist also doesn't accept any RPF or RPS.

The archive has separate categories for: The X-Files [342], Commish [4], Once a Thief [21], Xtro II [2] and "Other TV and Film" [32].[1] It also hosts the annual online Nick Lea Christmas Zine.

FONL also has or had a section for magazine & newspaper articles, plus other items of interest, a biography, credits, games, Nick pics, and links.



Not specifically X-Files, Focussed on Nick Lea, is well focussed on Nick Lea. In addition to a section for X-Files fic are sections set aside for fic based on his other roles. Huge warning for this site, here be het, not a lot, but enough you have to be on your guard. [2]


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