Phantom Notes

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Title: Phantom Notes
Editor(s): Jenn Bills
Date(s): 1988-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
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Phantom Notes is a newsletter and letterzine that has twelve issues that were published between October 1988 to September 1992. It contains poetry and fan art.

issues #11 and #12

Issue 10

Phantom Notes 10 was published in Sept/Oct 1991.

Issue 11

Phantom Notes 11 was published in April 1992.

Issue 12

Phantom Notes 12 was published in Aug/Sept 1992.

Reactions and Reviews

Review: Phantom Notes, one of the earliest 'zines on the POTO theme, is a 12-issue newsletter. The layout here is not as sharp as later publications, like Beneath the Mask, would have, and the spirit of the newsletter, like a gathering of fans, is more open to personal reporting of Phantom experiences and what the show means to its followers, than printing hard news coverage. The graphics content of Notes is quite high, and includes noteworthy cartoons by Thomas Bevel, who draws a great (and funny) Erik. Notes may not surprise you with much new information, but it will remind you of everything you enjoy about chatting with fellow fans. [1]


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