The Boatswain's Whistle

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Title: The Boatswain's Whistle
Publisher: the fan club: USS Khai Tam
Editor(s): Joy Simpson
Frequency: quarterly?
Medium: print
Fandom: all the Treks
Language: English
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The Boatswain's Whistle is a Star Trek newsletter. It has the subtitle: "The Update for the Information Vector of the USS Khai Tam."

V.1 N.1

V.1 N.2

V.1 N.3

V.1 N.4

The Boatswain's Whistle v.1 n.4 was published in Fall 1993 and contains 4 pages. It is labeled: "Fall Update."

cover of v.1 n.4
  • Frakes Con (short con report for the Creation Con, November 6-7, 1993 in Jacksonville, Fl.) (1)
  • Monthly Updates (2)
  • Phone List Update (3)
  • Trek Jumbles (puzzle) (3)
  • Calendar (4)

V.2 N.1

The Boatswain's Whistle v.2 n.1 was published in January 1994 and contains 8 pages.

cover of v.2 n.1
  • Vulkon (a con report for Vulkon: "definitely a vast improvement over Creation Cons...") (1)
  • David McDonnell: The Write Stuff (a short article about the creator of Starlog) (1)
  • Announcements (2)
  • Personnel Review: Ensign David Givens (a short club member bio) (3)
  • Monthly Update (the club does some volunteer work at the pediatrics's ward of a hospital) (4)
  • Reviews: a computer game ("Star Trek: Judgement Rites") and a pro book ("The Romulan Prize") (5)
  • Letters to the Guardian, fictional advice column (6)
  • Ship Activities (a fundraiser at a local Hooter's restaurant with all you can eat wings and beer, also a report of the club Christmas party) (7)
  • The Diversity of Conflict, article by Joy Simpson about criticisms that ST: TNG doesn't deal realistically with human emotions, and does ST: DS9 deal with this subject better? (7)
  • Calendar (8)

V.2 N.2

The Boatswain's Whistle v.2 n.2 was published in February 1994 and contains 7 pages.

cover of v.2 n.2
  • Election Platforms, statements by club members wanting to become club officers (1)
  • Announcements (2)
  • Return to Planet Hooter Trek, another fundraiser is planned (2)
  • St. Marks, a club activity to clean up a walking trail (2)
  • Personnel Review: bio of club member Audrey Irizarry (3)
  • Monthly Update (4)
  • Book Review: pro novel, the DS9 book "Fallen Heroes" (5)
  • "The Symphony of Diversity" by Joy Simpson (short article by the editor about how club members are squabbling and overly critical of each other, and people should get a long better as per IDIC) (5)
  • Letters to the Guardian, fictional advice column (6)
  • Calendar (7)