Hailing Frequencies (Star Trek: TOS zine by Barbara Maxwell)

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Title: Hailing Frequencies
Publisher: "the Alternate Factor ST club"
Editor(s): Barbara Maxwell, then Julie Stigter, perhaps others
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Hailing Frequencies is a gen Star Trek: TOS letterzine out of New Zealand. It was published for the "Alternate Factor ST club" by Barbara Maxwell.

Issue 17

Hailing Frequencies 17 was published in May 1983 and contains 18 pages, foolscap, mimeo.

Issue 22

Hailing Frequencies 22 was published in December 1983 and contains 15 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 22

A4 duplicated newsletter/letterzine of the Alternate Factor Star Trek group. This was the last publication received from them before they ceased to trade due to economic reasons. Contains reviews, some news, penpals, lively letters and a couple of articles. [1]

Issue 42

cover of issue #42

Hailing Frequencies 42 was published in 1988 and contains 20 pages.

  • there are some comments about Nome #4
  • Gamin Davis reviews a number of ST:TNG episodes
  • this issue has some Star Trek trivia and a flyer for ConQuest '88


  1. Beyond Antares #24