Pieces of My Mind

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Title: Pieces of My Mind
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann T
Date(s): around 1990-at least 1992, perhaps later
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Pieces of My Mind is a slash one-shot 90-page multimedia anthology, a sort of letterzine, of story fragments.

Submission Request

From an ad in Pop Stand Express: "Inspired by 'Cold Fish', this zine will contain fragments, story ideas, and other unfinished adult fiction. Any fandom will be welcome except K/S, and fragments of any length will be printed, although an author must contribute at least one full single-spaced page for a contributor's copy. Fragments or statements of interest should be received by year's end, or I'll either cancel or do this as a one-shot with my own Simon/Simon stuff."

Reactions and Reviews

A fan in 1992 has this comment:
I am reminded by a reader that there is another "unfinished story" letterzine out there, produced by Almost Foolproof Press. I have not seen this, so I don't know if letters and comments are offered on the stories or not, but: I do know that it is slash-oriented and for any fandom. This is called "Pieces of My Mind. Anyone who thinks they would enjoy this zine should contribute and subscribe, but I do have a personal caveat, however. I sent a fragment to this editor for her first issue. I was surprised to find out, six months later I that she had printed it in another zine (one that I would not have cared to appear in) without my permission or knowledge. And in spite of the fact, I had told her in my cover letter that this was a fragment (it was unedited, unrevised, and a major scene was missing). [1]


  1. from Cold Fish and Stale Chips #12 (1992)