The Michael Praed Network Newsletter

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Title: The Michael Praed Network Newsletter
Publisher: The Michael Praed Network Newsletter (MPNN)
Editor(s): Kate R. and Morn G.
Type: letterzine, newsletter
Date(s): 1991-2003
Frequency: 4x year
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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The Michael Praed Network Newsletter is a combined newsletter and letterzine dedicated to following the career of Michael Praed, who played the title role on Robin of Sherwood during the series' first two seasons. The series is frequently discussed. [1]

The newsletter was published by Michael Praed's first official fan club, which folded in 2003 to be replaced with Michael Praed's Fanfare. "The club's newsletter was a popular feature, giving updates on Michael Praed's projects, contributing insights, and giving fans a way to communicate with one another." [2]

Description from ad: "Authorized by Michael Praed. Letterzine features LoCs, news articles, and the occasional story, poem or limerick, as well as interviews with various people who have worked with Michael and information about different facets of his career... also classifieds." [3]

Reactions and Reviews

The Queen's Own newsletter is as good as I can make it, and I'm pleased with most issues, but the newsletter/zine that I look at with envy is the Michael Praed Network NewsLetter, edited by Kate Raymond and Morn Geiger. If you are a fan of Michael Praed, this is a must for you. Each issue is filled with photos, stories from fans lucky enough to have met Michael, even news from his parents! Recently Michael donated his Copacabana tour jacket for an auction to benefit the club and a charity. There are T-shirts available for members (just $10 + $3 shipping) and publicity stills in color or black & white. Send $20 (Checks payable to Kate Raymond) to MPNN ... for a one year membership and four issues of the MPNN newsletter. Send $5 for a sample issue. [4]


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