Catchin' the Blues

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Title: Catchin' the Blues
Publisher: Debbi Okoniewski
Editor(s): Amaranth Press
Date(s): very early 1982-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Hill Street Blues
Language: English
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Catchin' the Blues is a Hill Street Blues letterzine published by Debbi Okoniewski. It also contains artwork and ads. This zine was published every six weeks.

From an ad in Datazine #26: "Roll call 6:57 A.M. May I please have your attention, pursuers of this painstakingly compiled profile of fandom's publications. I wish to draw your attention to a certain publication entitled 'Catchin' the Blues' which covers all the personnel we have had the pleasure of conversing with, namely, Hill, Renko, Larue, Washington, Bates, Coffey, Hunder, etc, ad infinitum. Due to the unparalleled quality that imbues this example of free press, I am making a personal request to all of you law enforcement supporters to write a letter to 'Catchin' the Blues.' Remember, let's be verbose out there."

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Catchin' the Blues 10 was published in 1984.

Issue 11

Catchin' the Blues 11 was published in 1984.

cover of issue #11

Issue 12

Catchin' the Blues 12 was published in late 1984.

cover of issue #12

Issue 13

Catchin' the Blues 13 was published in late 1985. The editor writes that the next issue is due out February 1985.

cover of issue #13