Beyond the Mask

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Title: Beyond the Mask
Publisher: Kim Wehrmeister
Date(s): ended sometime before 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Language: English
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Beyond the Mask was a Phantom of the Opera letterzine published by Kim Wehrmeister.

In 1995, the editor commented:

I used to put out a Phantom letterzine called "Beyond the Mask." I would swear that every issue would be the last, but then someone would write and say, "I love your work" (plus the fact that you must LOVE your fandom (or be insane) to even think of putting out a publication.) and I would say, "Okay, we'll do another year." A month later, I would be at the counter in Kinko's screaming "DELAY?!?! What do you mean there's going to be a little delay?!" And then the whole thing would start all over again. Unfortuneatly, I found many fans (uh) too much to bear, esp. at cons, so I felt it pretty detrimental to my remaining sanity (HA!) to end the zine. I hope you [addressing another zine editor] haven't and don't run into the same problem. It's these same people that Brent [Spiner] is trying to avoid, and I can't say I blame him at all. [1]


  1. ^ from an LoC to the editor of The Body Electric #2