The Chesapeake Bridge

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Title: The Chesapeake Bridge
Publisher: USS Chesapeake NCC-1887, out of Richmond, VA
Editor(s): Lynn Evans
Date(s): 1990?-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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The Chesapeake Bridge is a Star Trek club newsletter.

v.2 n.7

v.2 n.7

The Chesapeake Bridge v.2 n.7 was published in April 1991 and contains 9 pages.

  • plans for a laser tag challenge with another fan club, the USS Powhatan
  • report of a successful "Science Fiction Film Festival" with members of USS Heimdal, USS Tempest, USS Maat and USS Powhatan
  • 30 club members marched in the recent St. Patrick's Day parade
  • upcoming club news and activities
  • a full-page flyer for Shore Leave