Bound by the Force

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Title: Bound by the Force
Publisher: Forces of the Empire
Editor(s): Pat Grant
Date(s): 1982-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars with occasional meta & multimedia
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Bound by the Force is a multifandom letterzine/newsletter for the Forces of the Empire fanclub.

Submission FAQs

Bound by the Force is the official newsletter of the Forces of the Empire. Bound by the Force (BBTF) is published four times a year, and a subscription is included with your membership to FoE.

Each Division within FoE has its own section in BBTF. The Divisional Sections are used by each division for role-play reports, in-character communication, publishing stories, etc. Submissions for a Divisional Section should be sent to the Division Leader of that division. Divisional address can be had from the General Club Address.

In addition to the Divisional Sections there are two special sections. The first it Galactic Transmissions. GT is part of the Mercenary section. It is used for general, in-character communications. It is like an IRC channel almost. Because it is part of the Mercenary Section, transmissions for GT should be sent to the Merc Division Leader.

The other special section, is the General Club section. The General Club section is used for out-of-character communication between members, for discussion and Letters of Comment (LOC) on general things in Star Wars Fandom, and similar issues. Submissions for the General Section should be sent to Pat Grant at the General Club Address.

Submission Guidelines for Bound by the Force:

Submissions to a section must be sent to that Section Leader's address. Only submissions for the General Section, should be sent to the General Club Address. If items for a division are sent to the General Club address it may cause a delay in getting them published. When submitting to the General Section:

If possible submit on computer disk. Mac MS word is preferred, but ascii, any other Mac word processor, or an IBM format is acceptable. disks can be converted.

If submitting on disk please label your disks with your name and the format the disk is in. Also if you wish a specific font to be used, please specify the font and/or make sure it is in a format that can be used/converted. Hard copy submissions must be written neatly or typed. Please note that any hard copy submission will be re-typed to be added to the newsletter.

The General Section is looking for Letters of Comment (LOC), artwork, cover artwork, responses to various ongoing discussions, out-of-character announcements, and any articles of interest regarding Star Wars and the people involved. Anything else should go to the specific divisions.

Every thing must be a PG rating or less!

Artwork should be a clear, camera ready, copy. Never send originals artwork will not be returned, unless special arrangements are made.

Photos are welcome also. If you want photos returned please include a SASE. [1]

Other Star Wars Letterzines


Bound by the Force 1 was published in 1982.

Bound by the Force 82 was published in June 1996. It contains Star Wars and Real Ghostbusters fiction.


Reactions and Reviews

From a 1993 discussion about the newsletter in rec.arts.sf.starwars:
The other flyer is for the rather bizarrely-named F.O.E. (Forces Of the Empire), which is an interactive role-playing club dedicated to Star Wars. Members create personas which fit into various club divisions (the Imperial Forces, the Rebel Alliance, the Diplomatic Embassy, the Free Spacers and Mercenary's Guild, the Renegades, the Independant Galactic News Network, or the Imperial News Network). Membership is $10.00 and includes a membership packet and four issues of the 'Bound by the Force' newsletter."[2]


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