Scoundrel (Star Wars letterzine)

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Title: Scoundrel
Editor(s): Joan Shumsky (used the pseud "Amy Forrest" as freely noted in Grip #12)
Type: letterzine
Date(s): September 1983-October 1986
Frequency: bimonthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Scoundrel is a Star Wars no-frills letterzine that was published shortly after the third film of the original trilogy was released. The title is a reference to the Han/Leia kiss scene in The Empire Strikes Back; Leia calls Han a scoundrel, and Han says she likes it.

From an ad: "A letterzine devoted to the SW saga. Features: Question Forum, Articles, Essays, Reviews, LoC's, Zine Listings and a Classified Section, plus a Consumer Corner. Published quarterly." [1]

One fan writes in the third issue: "First the world was created. Then George gave us a saga. Now you have given us Scoundrel to help figure out that saga. Chaos. Complete chaos. I love it. Keep up the good work."

Sections of the letterzine have been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

The Issues: Summaries

See the subpages for details about individual issues, including quoted opinions and summaries of fannish views on topics then current:

Editoral Policy

A fan in 1984 wrote:
Yes, Joan Shumsky IS censoring. She recently censored an article I sent her which tried to refute the Church of Ford's argument about Luke's quest for his father being only personal. I discussed my own family s experiences in Brazil, since they're politically divided, and apparently she's a super right-winger. It was necessary to mention (in a line or two, no more) part of my family's opposition to US policy in our country and my own agreement with that position. She said she loved "her" country too much to allow that in her zine. Bizarre. Then she intimated no further articles or LoCs of mine would be welcomed in her zine. Plus she may be stealing three issues from me, since I sent her three pieces which she printed, and doesn't seem to realize she owes me contributor's copies for them. There are just some people out there who should NOT be publishing letterzines, period. I hear I'm not the only one she's done this to. [2]

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