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Title: Pipedreams
Publisher: Penreddy Publications and JND, Supporters of Beauty and the Beast
Editor(s): Kay Simon, then a combination of Kay Anderson, Dianne Kellerling and Diane Vanderpool
Date(s): 1988-1990?
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Pipdreams is a Beauty and the Beast (TV)letterzine and newsletter for the Colorado fan club Supporters of Beauty and the Beast.

The zine had a quarterly publishing schedule.

It was edited at first by Kay Simon and published by Penreddy Publications and JND. Later issues were by Dianne Hellerling, Kay Anderson and Kay Simon, and then Dianne Hellerling and Diane Vanderpool.

By Kay Simon in the editorial of Definitions of Love #3:

I want to thank Dianne Hellerling for taking 'Pipedreams' over and making a success of it when I needed that weight off my shoulders most.

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(Summer 1988)

Pipedreams was published in Summer 1988. It was the first issue.

(Fall 1988)

This was the second issue.

v.2 n.1 (Jan/Feb 1989)

Pipedreams (Jan/Feb 1989) This issue contains an interview with Ron Koslow.

v.2 n.2 (Mar-Apr 1989)

v.2 n.3 (May-June 1989)

v.2 n.4 (July-Aug 1989)

Pipedreams v.2 n.7 was published in July/August 1989 and contains 32 pages. It was edited by Kay Simon.

cover of v.2 n.4, Judy Ley



After the fiasco on Black Thursday, May 19th, it seemed to take days for the truth to hit. Perhaps a self-defense mechanism. The disquiet within incubated, until it rose to an impotent rage I have not felt before. Perhaps at the moment it peaked, I was closer to knowing Vincent's blind bestial fury provoked by injustice than ever before.

Other times when I have been choked with anger or frustration, I have drained it, much as draining a festering wound, utilizing my writing. Not so this time.

This particular time, incomplete vengeful, thoughts poured onto my paper. Papers immediately relegated to the trash, yet valid for all the implied violence, because they provided an outlet for the wasteful energy. I am what proud of the fact that it was destructive rather than constructive.

Or that this period lasted several weeks. My other writing suffered. "Pipedreams" suffered. All I could envision were Ron Koslow's words in an earlier interview to us about "a level of anger". I saw so many levels, so many attempts at exorcising the anger to get on with the reality of the situation. And for most, success.

At press time, CBS maintains 12 episodes have been ordered. The production office is re-opening, the writers returning. No one knows yet what "retooling" is planned, but certainly there will be less of Catherine (Linda Hamilton).

As the first rage has passed and we are now simmering rather than boiling over, it is time to reassess the situation. The level of anger should have diminished to a controlled seething by now. We should be able to

progress, make use of the old saw, "don't get mad, get even". We want, however, more than to "get even". We want to win. We want to "keep the dream alive", a recurring sign-off in most recent letters to JND, Ltd. We want our show returned to its rightful status by virtue of quality and established audience, not via 'TV GUIDE" "Ins and Outs" or executive whim-of-the-day.

If you want to read something truly frightening, surpassing the usual passing for horror in film and pulp, try reading "Who Killed CBS?" by Peter J. Boyer, "Bad Day at Black Rock" by Peter McCabe, and "In the Storm of the Eye" by Bill Leonard. These three tomes detail the downfall of the CBS News Department, and the subsequent trickle-down effect on the other departments (prime-time included). These should be available at your local library.

In particular, pay attention to the apparent white-knight in a "non-hostile" takeover, who eventually in a move beyond the rules, turns color and checkmates the king. He is in the persona of Laurence Tisch, who has recently earned the name "Paracelsus" to millions of viewers.


Become informed about CBS.

Somewhere in my dim brain. I recall last year hearing about "no beast touching", but my little gray cells shut out the idea as being so ridiculous that I did not think anyone would take it seriously.

Then recently, someone mentioned bestiality and same dim brain recoiled in shock. This is what is behind the "no beast touching" idea? Guess I never put 2&2 together before. Now, I wish my brain would shut down — I am so angry, shocked, sad, humiliated, speechless & sputtering, you name it. Also, I am very ashamed of the humans that came up with this idea and took it seriously. What Nazi mentality. The laugh is on me, because evidently CBS does take it seriously, and as long as they do, C and V will get no further in their relationship except backwards, and I am very much afraid that it is exactly what is going to happen next year.

So, fellow Beast lovers. I do not know what has been done in fandom to reverse this notion, but regardless, it is time to pick up the gauntlet and tilt at windmills again. We are getting good at it. We have had lots of practice lately.


I must be a beast. I feel pretty savage and merciless myself, right now.

Why CBS thinks this and hangs onto it, is beyond me. That I know of, there have been no letters from people worried about it, and "Entertainment Tonight" sure has not mentioned it and they would have jumped on it if there was a vast number of watchers concerned.

So write, write, write those letters. Keep the Dream Alive.

At emergency meetings held shortly after CBS announced the cancellation of "Beauty and the Beast", a three-tiered strategy was developed. Our primary goal is to see BATB returned to the fall schedule, but a guaranteed air date later in the fall (to replace one of the inevitable-to-fail dogs on the schedule) is equally as important in lieu of fall scheduling (which at press time seems doubtful). The tiers have been modified in accordance with Ron Koslow's relayed wishes that "the fans have some dignity and not boycott."

The first tier includes a red sheet of paper (insert in "Pipedreams") ready for signature and stamp, imploring. "Please bring "Beauty and the Beast" back to the fall schedule for a full twenty-two episodes." This will be distributed to major fan groups and to individuals who may not be involved with the fan network. The idea is to receive a substantial quantity of mail during this traditionally slow summer period in July and early August.

Second tier includes writing sponsors, including K-Mart, who had originally been signed to do promotion for BATB as part of the fall lineup (see K-Mart commercial and contest blurb). The thrust here is to thank sponsors for supporting quality. Negative letters, boycotts. or threats will probably only scare off sponsors. This should overlap tier 1 and go into August.

Third tier is if BATB is not returned to the fall schedule, and an air date is not assigned by late September. This tier involves a general gear-up to boycott CBS Network, Affiliates, and K-Mart. It is a last resort, and we are not encouraging this action at this time.

v.2 n.5/6 (Sept/Dec 1989)

Pipedreams v.2 n.5/6 was published in September/December 1989 and contains 58 pages. It was edited by Kay Simon.

cover of v.2 n.5/6, also in Definitions of Love #2

It is a double issue, and the editor apologizes for its lateness.

  • con report by Sharon Wells for the Creation Con in San Jose.
  • a con report for the November 18-19, 1989 Creation Con in Los Angeles ("Creation's salute to 'Beauty and the Beast').
  • some poetry and art by fans
  • most of the issue is the transcript of a long interview by Julie Hamburg with Howard Gordon (September 13, 1989), the venue is not specified but it may have been the San Jose Creation Con


The editor confirms that yes, Catherine Chandler is being killed off, and this is upsetting to many fans:

2B or Not 2B? That Is the Question"


from v.2 n.5/6

The fans are concerned because of the combination of the above comment, Catherine's death and the earlier press conference announcing the 're-tooling' of the program. They are worried that - show will become a spin-off of the 'relationship show' they had followed for two years, into a action-adventure detective show one fan has jokingly dubbed "Beast and Son of Beast". No longer Beauty and the Beast, the 'two B's', it may become merely "Beast".


The only method to find out will be to watch, and at the advent of the series' return, to advertise, to generate high ratings for the movie and first few shows. If past CBS promotional work is any indicator, any help from Individual word-of-mouth up will be critical to spreading the news effectively. Ratings mean money, and money is the bottom line for a third-place network. A poor showing for the movie, or the first few shows, and the rest of the season may be merely a dream we all shared and hoped for. Respectable ratings in a tough time-slot are crucial.

The recent departure from west-coast CBS offices of Entertainment President Kim LeMasters future clouds the future of the possible fourth season. In the renewal meetings last May, the apocryphal stories abounded that there had been a showdown between east and west coast contingents supporting and against the show. It is well-documented who lost, and that the meeting had many politically-inspired overtones.

What is perhaps surprising is that the cast and crew project guarded optimism toward a fourth season. The relaxed attitude at a recent location shoot I attended surprised me, but it is understandable, they were glad to be working.

In their minds, and in the minds and hearts of the fans, at least, the Beast will not die. Vincent will live, in whatever incarnation. Meanwhile, Catherine will live on in fiction, and in our hearts... and of course, in Vincent's. To grossly misquote, 'with her sweet love remembered', she made him feel like a king... for a brief, sweet time, he was a 'heart's dearest treasure'.

And even as he won't, we will not forget Catherine, either.

Excerpts from the interview with Howard Gordon:

JH: A lot of people seem to revere him as a perfect character, but does seem to have some personality flaws, like low self-esteem in regards to women, apparently.

HG: That's very interesting. Like all the men on staff here.

JH: Are you saying he's a reflection of all of you, in some ways?

HG: Absolutely, he'd have to be. Obviously any reactions, cases that we put Vincent through are things that we process through own lives and is kind of the result of many group discussions about the nature of sexuality, about how one feels toward it, and I think Vincent is really kind of the fount for our collective feelings.

JH: And your collective phobias, too.

HG: Yes, exactly. Some of them are projections and some of them obviously things that are character reactive, where you get reactions to the character. How he might feel.


JH: The first two years there seemed to be this unwritten rule about no beast-touching. Is there any chance that we will see any more physical romance between them?

HG: Yes, I would say there's much more of a chance to see that this year. (pause)

JH: And that's as far as you can go with that question, I guess, you can't elaborate!

HG: Let's just say that's that's an issue I can guarantee will be explored.

JH: One of the things that was so upsetting when "Black Thursday" happened was that I thought "They've never even kissed! How can It go off the air, they've never even kissed!"

HG: I know, I know. I think In that case e4iat would we have done. Nothing. I would have been just terrible, just tragic. It would have been a very tragic end....

JH: To end with "The Rest Is Silence..." as the final show? That would have been terrible.

HG: When the show does end do you think it should be a happy ending or...

JH: Well, you know you started it off "Once Upon A Time", I really think it should end "And they lived happily ever after". It is a fairy tale, a fantasy. Somehow or other they really should live "happily ever after".

HG: I guess it really is a fairy tale, rather than a fable, isn't it?

JH: Well, a little of both. It's realty turned Into something all of its own.

HG: You know something, I think a fairy tale, the nature of a fairy tale, because It's a "Once upon a time", and they lived happily ever after" doesn't lend itself to a television series, interestingly enough. But I guess if you have a beginning and an end...

JH: Well, the concept of a series is open-ended and a fairy tale Is not. And with a fable all you've got is a moral at the end.

HG: The moral of our story is "don't love the Beast" (laughter)


JH: Ron Koslow said in an interview fairly recently that he and not CBS was calling all the shots, everything is under his control. Yet George Martin said just the opposite, that CBS is dictating everything you were doing.

HG: The truth is somewhere in between. CBS has given us certain dictates which we are compelled to follow. At the same time, they are letting us do what we will within the context of what they've ordered. Like action, they need, they want more action, so we're giving them more action. That's something they have required, you know, so we fulfill. I think both of them (Koslow and Martin) over-simplified the situation.

JH: There are a lot of very negative rumors going around fandom right now. Rumors like the show will become "The Incredible Hairy Equalizer". The rumors seem to be all horribly depressing. Is there anything we can look forward to in the way of happiness? Can you tell us something that will alleviate some of this despair?

HG: I sure hope so. You know, to be honest with you, the direction the show is taking now, it is a slightly darker version, a slightly darker vision than some of the more uplifting shows we've seen. We're very sensitive to that on the set. We all would like to see happy endings, happier resolutions, and I think that eventually this show will sort of seek It's own level, and we're going to get back to more positive...


JH: There is a rumor going around that like Spock in Star Trek II, Catherine will die but her spirit will be transferred to someone else. Ron Koslow has said that he is speaking in code and that the fans will understand and all the writers/producers have said that the spirit of romance will remain unchanged. Are we to take that literally?

HG: Wow! Well, I would say that's too literal an interpretation. Or too literal an expectation. Catherine's spirit is present in....um....will be a presence in the upcoming season, no doubt about it. But any kind of transference or transmigration, I think is really not going to happen. Something that literal, although, I wouldn't...I would say it's, that it's strangely possible. I'll say that, too. I mean. In terms of...we haven't....that is not our immediate....that will not be immediately apparent, if that's the case. Do you see what I'm saying?

v.3 n.1 (Jan/Feb 1990)

Pipedreams v.3 n.1 was published in January/February 1990 and contains 24 pages.

cover of v.3 n.1

It was edited by Dianne Hellerling, Kay Anderson and Kay Simon.


The editors note that some of TPTB are leaving the show: "Good-Byes: To Linda Campanelli and Shelley Moore, who have asked not to have their contracts renewed after the 12 episodes. These talented writers are responsible for some of the best shows seen not only on B&B but on television period. Though we are saddened to see them leave, we understand the reasons and wish them nothing but the best of luck. Also good bye to Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa who have reportedly left the show to pursue other interests."

v.3 n.2 (Mar-Apr 1990)

v.3 n.3 (May-June 1990)

Pipedreams v.3 n.3 was published in May/June 1990 and contains 24 pages. It was edited by Dianne Hellerling and Diane Vanderpool.

cover of v.3 n.3
from v.3 n.3, a poem about TPTB
  • art and poetry by fans


Congratulations to our member C.M. Mayberry, our resident quilt maker. She has received the honor of making the center square for the quilt being given to Ron Koslow started by Sally Newman. The square, a red rose with the words "Beauty and The Beast" hand embroidered

across the stem will be only one of many created by fans to complete the full size quilt.

Dear Fellow Supporters of “Beauty and The Beast”, We can now claim a victory. Beauty and The Beast will be back on the air starting on September 21 on the Family Channel. I recently spoke to the program manager of the Family Channel and told her how thrilled we were with their decision to include Beauty and The Beast in their fall line-up. I mentioned that a lot of us don’t have cable but were planning on getting it just so we can tune in to watch our favorite show. Needless to say, she was thrilled! Two episodes per week will air every Friday night and then after all 56 episodes have aired again, it will go into a two-year syndication. Many larger markets have already picked up the show and we need to get writing to our local independents to ensure its continuance nationwide. Denver’s local independent stations are listed in this issue. Don’t wait, we can never start too soon!

Report from the San Diego Convention:

The first thing that struck me was the friendly, lively, determined atmosphere at this Con which was in contrast to the LA Con which was so tense, coming as it did just before the beginning of the third season. Most of the talk involved how to get B&B back on the air and I heard no arguments on the third season itself. Give and take discussion, yes, but no rancor involved. It was great. Kimberly Hartman of Helper's Network had several things of importance to say.

Witt-Thomas and Republic Pictures are not giving up on B&B. Things are looking hopeful and we should have word soon. Republic Pictures is now in the black financially because of B&B and look upon it very kindly. The fans loyalty, the video sales (which have been great) and the oversea sales of episodes have been super. Europe and Japan especially have a background in fantasy programs that we do not have in this country and B&B is very popular there. South America, because of their more macho thinking, is the only place ii is not popular.

Republic's first priority is getting B&B back on the air in syndication by Fall. Kimberly feels that the hang-up towards that end has been Republic's insistence that new episodes or movies be filmed along with showing the past episodes. Evidently, the cable networks are less anxious to make new episodes because of the expense. A lot is going to depend on us. B&B has a symbiotic relationship with the fans. If we won't give up. Republic won't give up; and if Republic won't give up, we won't give up - you get the picture! Kimberly said to dig in for the long haul, because it may take that. Remember Star Trek, but hopefully it won't take that long.


Kimberly estimates a 40% men to 60% women ratio of fans. There were many more men at this Con than others. We have to continue to encourage our men to come out of the closet.


Roy Dotrice was a gem as usual. He had a lot to say about fandom. He came across in his opening statements, as extremely upset and feeling betrayed and emotional about the split in fandom that he had heard about and in some instances been on the receiving end. He stated that he was sorry at one time that he had accepted the invitation to the San Diego Con because of it, but when he walked into the Con room, he received a standing ovation. It was an emotional moment and he looked absolutely wonderful in his tuxedo. He ended his opening remarks by asking our forgiveness for having doubted us and our loyalty.


Kimberly Hartman) CBS had much to do with what happened the third season. They were holding the ax over B&B's head. They told B&B what to put into it and what to get rid of — and you guessed it — everything we wanted (love, hope, gentleness, poetry, and music) got axed. (Did anyone notice how the poetry was slid into the conversations or speeches? CBS was to stupid to realize it was there at all!)

No one seems to be positive whether CBS has the rights left on ant [?] B&B episodes. They may have until June. Kimberly feels pretty sure they don't, but is not 100% sure, so be careful. CBS could get nastier with B&B than they have been already if they still have the rights of any kind to it. They could refuse to release B&B to go elsewhere, so let's make sure, before we put them on a roman candle and light it.


We have Ron Perlman to be grateful and thankful for in more ways that we can count. His battle to slow down the entrance of the Vincent/Diana love story was heroic. I heard a lot about that - about his refusal to say and do things that had been written, about script rewrites that he demanded, about his absence from the set to underscore the point.


I came away from this con with a renewed awareness that B&B means many different things to each of us and that each fan who watches it, interprets it in different ways, each according to our own hopes, dreams, fears, and experiences. Each of us can interpret the same words in totally different ways still be right. That's the way it is written and acted. That's part of its brilliance and I love it. I'll take the good and the bad. Thank you for being there for me B&B and thanks to my extended B&B family. Be Well and Remember....Love.

v.3 n.4 (July-Aug 1990)

front cover of v.3 n.4

Pipedreams v.3 n.4 was published in July/August 1990 and contains 18 pages.

It was edited by Diane Vanderpool and Dianne Hellerling. It contains art by Phyllis Berwick and Rita Terrell.

  • "What They're Doing on Their Summer Vacation," a meta fic by Sue and Becky


THANK YOU CBS for finally giving us something decent to watch dining the summer! I loved the ad campaign, "BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND", don't you. Too bad they didn't "recognize" the popular demand back in January when they cancelled our show.

JND celebrated its 2nd birthday in June and I want to personally thank all of our members for their support, encouragement, and dedication to "Beauty and The Beast". With your help, truly, "anything is possible".

It's fourteen days and counting until Tunnel Con I. I can't wait to get there! It will be great to meet all of the people who have become good friends via letters and the telephone lines over the past 3 years. Our next "Pipedreams" will include reports from Tunnel Con.

"Back By Popular Demand"!!!!!!!!!!

CBS has started showing reruns of 1st and 2nd season episodes. There were a great many rumors floating around because of this "change of heart". One fan talked directly with a CBS VP (Michael Ivanberger) who advised fandom to flood "Pat Saulstich's" office with letters, telegrams, etc. to show interest in their doing a TV-movie, but to leave Michael's name out of it since it was not his department and he would deny it if asked. JND suggests that you still continue writing CBS (Pat Faulstich is the correct spelling of his name). We want them to know we are still out here!

v.3 n.5 (Sep-Oct 1990)

v.3 n.6 (Nov/Dec 1990)

v.4 n.1 (Jan/Feb 1991)

v.4 n.2 (Apr-June 1991)

(Summer 1992?)