Marzipan and Kisses

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Title: Marzipan and Kisses
Publisher: Bound in Leather Press (DDF)
Editor(s): Jean C. & Karen B.
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1984-2001
Medium: print
Fandom: Dorothy Dunnett
Language: English
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Marzipan and Kisses is a Dorothy Dunnett letterzine published in the United States and edited by Jean C. and Karen B. The first issue was published in January 1984. Its successor is Whispering Gallery, which is published in the UK.

Marzipan and Kisses was typed and photocopied by hand.


"A letterzine devoted to the Lymond Chronicle and other works by Dorothy Dunnett. M&K will be published bi-monthly at $2.00 an issue after the premiere January '84 issue. Contributions of letters, artwork, research, translations, questions, etc. are cheerfully encouraged!" [1]

Mentioned in an Article

"Marzipan and Kisses" was mentioned in an article in The Baltimore Sun: "...she remains baffled by the degree of devotion her work inspires. The most astonishing thing, she says, was the avalanche of mail she began to get -- nearly 2,000 letters a month. At first she tried to correspond with everyone, but she quickly learned that if she answered all her mail, she would not have time to do any writing. She was rescued by a "letterzine," a fan periodical in which fans can communicate with other fans and Dunnett can occasionally address them. The 'zine, called Marzipan & Kisses, is a quarterly that goes to 130 U.S. and Canadian readers, and about 200 in Britain and Europe.... "Every time you read [Dunnett's books], you find something new," says letterzine editor Karen B [last name and address redacted] "And the writing is brilliant. These are romances in the true sense of the word."" [2]

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