Whispering Gallery (Dorothy Dunnett letterzine)

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Title: The Whispering Gallery
Publisher: Dorothy Dunnett Foundation (DDF); Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association (2001-present)
Editor(s): Val Bierman, Denise Gannon, Sandra Hall... see website
Type: magazine
Date(s): 1991-present
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Size: A4
Fandom: Dorothy Dunnett
Language: English
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cover of issue issue #45, reproduced by permission of the DDRA
cover of issue #106, reproduced by permission of the DDRA

Whispering Gallery is a Dorothy Dunnett magazine published in the UK and distributed worldwide to members of the Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association (DDRA). The copyright is held by the DDRA. It was originally created as an "international variant" of the North American Marzipan and Kisses letterzine, but replaced it entirely in 2001, and is a magazine rather than a letterzine.

The first issue published was #33 in October 1991: the numbering of issues parallelled those of Marzipan and Kisses.


Past and present editors: Marzipan and Kisses (previous incarnation):

Whispering Gallery:

  • Issues 34-40: Edinburgh Book Festival staff
  • until 2004: Valerie Bierman
  • 2004-2007: Denise Gannon
  • 2007-Jun 2010: Sandra Hall
  • Sep 2010- Suzanne McNeill

Issue 45

Whispering Gallery 45 was published in November 1994.

Issue 109

Whispering Gallery 109 was published in December 2010.

Issue 114

Whispering Gallery 114 was published in March 2012.

Highlights of Issue 114, despatched to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in March 2012:

  • Trustees’ Annual Report
  • Dorothy Dunnett’s Iceland
  • Figurative Language in �The Lymond Chronicles
  • Disorderly Knights
  • Educating Nicholas
  • Behind Locked Doors: Inside the Venetian Arsenal
  • Dunnett Social Networking Sites
  • Extreme Dunnetting


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