Bound in Leather Press

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Zine Publisher
Name: Bound in Leather Press
Contact: Karen B and Jean C.
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals
Status: inactive
URL: Wayback link; WayBack Archive link; Wayback link; Wayback link
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Bound in Leather Press was founded in 1980.

Bound in Leather Press, or BiLP, as it's more generally known, was founded in the early 80s by Jean and Karen. The name came from Jean's bookstore days when she and some other bookstore employees planned a faux romance novel about the book trade entitled "Bound in Leather."

In the early 80s, Karen's original partner in the production of ZebraCon dropped out, and Jean stepped in to become Karen's co-chair, making ZCon officially an unofficial BiLP production. [1]


Other Projects

Some Formally Planned Projects

  • "The Compleat Araminta" ("A collection of the works of Araminta Carrington. Dependent on when (and if) she gets off her butt and writes some new material for this collection. - Pros, m/m themes, humour, R-rated.")
  • "I Dreamed Paradise Was at My Feet" (working title), novel by Dargelos (" Millennium, X-Files, The Prophecy and The Nature of the Beast x-over, m/m, m/f, explicit sex, millennial themes.")
  • Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know (multimedia)


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