Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know (zine flyer)

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Title: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Creator: Jean C. of Bound in Leather Press
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
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This fanwork is a flyer for a 1997 proposed zine.

The flyer was written by Jean C..

The Flyer

Yes, really. No, this isn't Karen, it's Jean C.. You know, the one who said, "I'm never going to do a 'zine. Nope. Uh-uh. No way."

Guess what? Yup, I'm doing one. This 'zine will be a celebration of the most interesting character in fiction: The Villain. I like the bad guys, the boys who are mad, bad and dangerous to know for real. You know, Jesse Hooker, Der brothers Gruber - Hans and Simon, The Sheriff of Nottingham - all of them, Hannibal Lechter [sic] (let it be a challenge to you). Pik and Fouchon, Stuart Wilson in anything (for a man with bad hair he has considerable presence.), Lucifer... or Gabriel (depends on your perspective), The Warlock, Lestat, Top Dollar, Adrian de Moxica, Billy Zane in anything where he gets to wear a buzz cut. Get the idea? They're more fun that heroes 'cause they can do anything. They can push small children into the paths of cars, or save them from worse villains (Go rent The Professional.) They can kill without conscience, or adhere to their own, probably rather peculiar sense of honor.

So send me your stories extolling the virtues... such as they are... of your favorite villains. You don't have to explain their disadvantaged childhoods unless you really want to, but you do have to give me something that's really worth getting excited about, something that'll make people who normally dream about the heroes stop and take some notice. Okay? And you all know that I'm a cheerful pervert, so slash is, of course, welcome here. And I'm a reasonable person so if you're really hung up on someone who is no better than he ought to be but by some geographic accident he ends up one of the heroes (e.g. Lestat again, or Doc Holliday, Tombstone version, Wyatt Earp version or even GunHght at the O.K. Corral version) go for it. I'll entertain any reasonable submission so long as the characters give me something to grin about. I mean, what more could you ask?

What's the catch you ask? You knew there had to be one. I'm easy but I'm not an idiot; you've gotta give me your best work. I won't even consider it unless il has a good beat and you can dance to it. I'm a tough editor and I have a whole raft of friends who are tough editors and between us we will kill or cure anything that's wrong with your work. If you don't want to be edited, or think you don't need to be edited, don't send me anything 'cause sure as I'm sitting here typing up this flyer the night before Zebra Con, you will start to see me as the biggest villain of all once I start hacking away at your manuscript with a red pen.

So here are my ground rules starting with the most important one: 1) No Prima Donnas need apply. (I'm the only Prima Donna in this organization.) 2) Artists will not be assigned stories. If you want to submit art you must do it just as the writers do and with the same caveat I will edit you. 3) Send your typed, double-spaced hard copy manuscripts, or (and I prefer this method) computer disks (PC only) with MS in ascii text format by October 31,1996 (Boo!) to: [Jean C, address redacted] send your electronic submissions to one of the following addresses: [email protected], [redacted] - same deadline and format. 4) There is no rule #4. 5) No Prima Donnas.


I do not wish this 'zine to be advertised in ANY online service. If you read about it on one, please let me know and I'll come down like a ton of bricks on whoever posted it.

Thank you for your patronage; please call again.