On the Air: Quarterly Report

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Title: On the Air: Quarterly Report
Publisher: Orion Majoris Publications
Editor(s): Scott Clark
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1990
Frequency: quarterly, only 1 issue produced
Size: full letter-sized pages
Fandom: Midnight Caller
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On the Air is a gen letterzine dedicated to the NBC series Midnight Caller, which starred Gary Cole as a former cop who becomes a late-night San Francisco talk-radio host, dedicated to helping those in need. "On the Air" was intended to be a quarterly publication, however the first issue was the only one produced. Midnight Caller ran for three seasons, 1988-1991, and had 61 episodes.

Issue 1

cover of first and only issue

On the Air was published in January 1990. [66 pages]

  • Editorial by Scott Clark (1 page)
  • Audience Response – Letters of Comment from: Kathryn Agel (a.k.a. Kathy Agel), Elaine M. Batterby, Lynn Campion, Scott Clark, Sue Trent and Kitty Woldow (12 pages)
  • The Episodes – Complete first season and partial second season episode guides
  • The Ratings Book – Weekly Nielsen ratings for Midnight Caller for the full first season and first half of the second season (1 page)
  • Filmographies – partial lists of past credits of the cast and executive producer of Midnight Caller, including: Gary Cole, Wendy Kilbourne, Dennis Dun, Arthur Taxier and Robert Singer (2 pages)
  • Press Releases – reprinted news articles from a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, 1988-1990 (41 pages)
  • Special Note: Although "On the Air" only had a single issue, there were two covers. A limited-release color cover (above) was produced for contributors to the first issue. A black-and-white cover, printed on light blue cardstock, was used on copies sold at MediaWest*Con in 1990, before the zine ceased publication.