The Eighth Domain

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Title: The Eighth Domain
Editor(s): Linda Frankel
Date(s): around 1987 to about 1992
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Darkover
Language: English
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flyer for "The Eighth Domain"

The Eighth Domain is a Darkover apazine compiled by Linda Frankel.

From a flyer: "The Eighth Domain is a bi-monthly Darkover APA for Terrans who have fallen in love with Darkover and the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley. If you have always wanted a place to discuss your favorite Darkover books, customs, etc., this is the place. Here's the rules..."

A similar zine was Arilinn House Meeting.

One fan remembers: "I soon became involved in an Amateur Press Association known as The Eighth Domain, which allowed me to correspond with a large number of other Darkover fans in a 'zine format. Unfortunately all that changed in 1992 with an unpleasant incident that led MZB to discontinue the Friends of Darkover anthology series and generally made Darkover fandom an iffy proposition. The Eighth Domain first went to a non-fiction-only format and finally abandoned its Darkover connections entirely, becoming a general natterzine known as Obloids." [1]

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

The Eighth Domain 5 was published in 1987 or before.

  • The Tower Circle and the Oliat by Linda Frankel (reprinted in Ambrov Zeor #16)
  • other unknown content