Keepin' the Dream Alive (Beauty and the Beast letterzine)

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Title: Keeping the Dream Alive
Publisher: the fan club Keepin' the Dream Alive
Editor(s): Janine Wills
Type: letterzine
Date(s): April 1990-April 1991
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Keeping the Dream Alive is a Beauty and the Beast (TV) monthly letterzine that hailed out of South Carolina, U.S.

It was published by the fan club, Keepin' the Dream Alive.

There were 22 issues, and they spanned a year.

From an ad: "We're rewatching and critiquing all the B&B episodes in sequence. Our LOC's are then compiled into a bimonthly [1] newsletter/zine which also contains other areas of B&B interest."

The letterzine is unique in that the editor picked single sentences, short phrases from letters and categorized them according to the scene they were describing and commenting upon. The fan's first initial and last name was included in parentheses after the statement. All of it was single spaced and printed as a dense block, which helped with printing costs, but was a bit hard to follow. This format also did not lend itself to any sort of conversations among fans.

Issue 1

Keepin' the Dream Alive 1 was published in May 1990 and contains 7 pages.

It was sent to 59 fans.

The episode discussed was "Once Upon a Time... In the City of New York."

cover of issue #1

Issue 2

Keepin' the Dream Alive 2 was published in May 1990 and contains 7 pages.

front cover of issue #2

The episode discussed was "Terrible Savior."

From the editor:

I would like to dedicate this issue to the Beauty and the Beast International Fanclub, P.0. Box 2185, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406-2185. They got me started in B&B fandom. When we moved from California to South Carolina, I picked up a copy of the USA Today because there was a small picture of Vincent on the front page. In the Life Section the club was mentioned with an address to write to. I didn't know fanclubs existed for television shows! I did know that when I was a teenager in the 70's, the teen idols had them. I didn't belong to any, but I had posters of Bobby Sherman plastered all over my walls (I thought he had the greatest eyes and whitest, straightest teeth around!). From the start of that club, I now have one of my own. I don't know if they want to take any credit for the "monster" they helped create, but thank you!

The following are a few excerpts from an interview Ron Koslow did for Starlog: "We fought the good fight. We did good work. There should be only rejoicing. It's not time for tears... the spirit of what we did will live on, and does live on. I thank all of our fans for their extraordinary support... After the initial shock, fans took to the new storyline. We also had very positive, very favorable response to Jo Anderson."...Asked if a romance might have flourished between Diana and Vincent, Koslow laughs. "I wouldn't want to categorize the relationship," he says mischievously, "but on this show, anything is possible."... Koslows remains equally coy when it comes to discussing the unique sex scene which produced Catherine and Vincent's child... "It was a surreal interlude and what happened between the two of them doesn't need much explaining. Clearly, Catherine did what she had to do to bring Vincent back to life...Everybody seemed to feel the show was back. Our fans were very supportive. There had been a lot of controversy within the fandom. However, this fandom is broken into many, many different factions. Some were more willing than others to move into this new period of adventure." ... Beauty and the Beast is dead, but as Koslow notes, the show's spirit will never die. There are too many conventions and fanzines, too many like minds sharing their personal tales...Beauty and the Beast now belongs entirely, to its greatest supporters... "It's the fans' turn to continue the story. Beauty and the Beast won't die."

One thing that I have found out in my involvement with B&B fandom, is that everyone has a place. Same might have public meetings, carry picket signs outside their local affiliate, or talk with the press. Then there might be others who take a more quiet approach by writing letters, having a few penpals, and maybe write an occasional LOC. There are no right or wrong ways that you as an individual choose to participate. Don't let anyone make you feel bad or guilty because you don't do as they do or because you have a different opinion than theirs. Each of us has our own special part of "KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE..."

Issue 3

Keepin' the Dream Alive 3 was published in June 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #3

It was sent to 56 fans.

The episode discussed was "Siege."

I still find it amazing that even after B&B was cancelled by CBS, it's fandom has increased. New fanclubs keep popping up, new fictionzines are being written, B&B merchandise is still being sold, and many new friends are still being made. It is such a warm and great feeling to know we are all doing our part in "KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE..."

Issue 4

Keepin' the Dream Alive 4 was published in June 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #4

It was sent to 59 fans.

The episode discussed was "No Way Down."

Because of flagging ratings (surprise!), CBS will be showing twelve B&B episodes from the 1st and 2nd seasons this summer. This will be on Saturdays... Well CBS, shut the barn door. The horse has already left!!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have sent me.... I've been graciously lent B&B zines to read (with one very, lovely bookmark), and this doesn't even take into consideration all your great letters and LOCS. I have to remind myself I'm a grown woman and not run to the mailbox each day (it's half a block up the street). It's just like Christmas, except for the rare day that nothing comes (it hasn't taken long to spoil me!). As my friend Barb Trimble says, "I wouldn't trade one moment of it for a gold brick!"

My proverbial bubble has been burst! I talked to a copier salesman several weeks ago. He said for the volume I planned to do, the $300 used copier would "die." He said I'd need a copier that would cost me $800 (also used). I bad so many high hopes. So, in order to keep KTDA's... head above the water. I've come up with another idea. I am offering original pencil drawings of Vincent looking into your eyes. These will be guaranteed or your money back. I am hoping this ad will appear soon in PIPELINE, but then it will be $4 plus $1 for p/h. As a special to you "Dreamers," it will be $3 plus $1 for p/h. Don't you just love a bargain? Think of this as a donation to our zine!

In the past several weeks I've heard from four of you that have discovered each other because of KTDA... I am very happy for you. I can't think of anything nicer than a "face-to-face" B&B friend. This wonderful news has greatly encouraged me to keep on "KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE..."

Issue 5

Keepin' the Dream Alive 5 was published in July 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #5

It was sent to 52 fans.

The episode discussed was "Masques."

Hi and welcome to the fifth issue of KTDA... This issue is dedicated to the U.S. Postal Offices. Who knows how much extra work and revenue B&B had brought them? I do know they are my pipeline to all of you, and for that I am grateful. And except for a few exceptions "neither wind nor rain nor sleet or hail" can keep them from their appointed rounds! (though I do think there is a P.0. gremlin somewhere in California. Right Margo and Judith?)

The BIG news of course is the B&B reruns on our old "Friend" CBS this summer (more about this in MAKIN' THE DREAM A REALITY...). Thank you Barb and Carolyn for filling me in. I wanted to sit down and cry when I saw it in 'TV Guide, right where it belongs! (though I still resent being called a "cult." I feel like I should wring a chicken's neck and smear blood on the walls!)

I appreciate those of you who have kindly told me to take care of myself. I'm happy to tell you that I had two lovely weekends in a row last month where I put all my B&B "ing" on the back burner for a few days. The work sure piled up because of it, but I attacked it with renewed vengeance because of my much needed break!

My non-Beastie husband actually came up with an idea to help KTDA... out. (ok, ok, it helps him out too, but one hand does wash the other!) This could also benefit you by giving you extra money (which I'm almost sure you'd use for more B&B merchandise!). [My husband] buys and sells sports cards. Send him any cards (1988's and older, football, basketball, and baseball) that are in good condition. When he sells them, he will send you a check for 40% of the profit plus your p/h. He will then give KTDA... 20% of the profit.

I would like to k ow what you all look like. Please send me a recent picture of yourself. I'd prefer to keep it, but I would send it back if you so desired. It would be nice to put a face with the great Letters you send me.

My work was cut out for me this time! Twenty-four wonderful LOCS! Because of space, many times I can only use one person's comment, though others have said the same thing. How do I determine was goes and what stays is anyone's guess! It might be that someone had a shorter LOC, and I tried to be "equal" time. Or possibly something "struck" me the right way. Or even at the end, I needed more comments to add or I needed to delete some to fit. So please, don't get upset if something you really loved didn't get printed. I'm doing the best I can!

Dreamers, I'm not telling you what to do as far as promoting B&B reruns this summer, but please do something! I put an ad in my local paper, passed out flyers, and I'm writing anyone I think can help. I also called my local paper when they didn't have it listed in the TV section June 9th. The man I talked to wondered where I got the information, as they didn't know about it yet. He then let me talk to a lady that wasn't nearly as friendly. She said the TV charts are sent two weeks in advance, and it should be in there later. What you choose to do is your own personal business. But as for me, I'm going to do all I can for KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE...

Issue 6

Keepin' the Dream Alive 6 was published in July 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #6

It was sent to 64 fans.

The episode discussed was "Beast Within."

Hi and welcome to the sixth issue of KTDA.... Do you believe we have been doing this for three months now? This issue is dedicated to my husband (though I doubt he will be thrilled that something B&B "ish" is devoted to him!). Even with his lack of enthusiasm (he still looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language when I say "KTDA") he has been a great encouragement to me. He let me buy this new electric typewriter (ok, maybe it wasn't such a blessing, ahem!), for his birthday this past year I bought him a file cabinet so I could have the extra drawer in the one we already had, he barely bats an eye each morning as he takes all my B&B correspondence to be mailed, he has watched a few of the B&B reruns with me (though he criticizes the entire time. It does make for some lively banter), and most nights he goes upstairs to his sports cards while I answer mail, type up the next issue, or "hundreds" of other B&B businesses. Believe me, he's the greatest, and I would not be doing this without his consent. Now, if I could just get him to read me some poetry!!

MAKIN' THE DREAM A REALITY...our show keeps slipping in the ratings each week. For "No Way Down" (shown June 16th) we had only 7.1 of the viewers, a 4.8 rating, a 10 share and was 75 out of 85 shows. For "Masques" (shown June 23rd) we had 7.1 of the viewers, a 4.9 rating, a l1 share and was 78 of 85 shows. I am trying to keep optimistic in light of some areas are not even showing these re-runs, and once again CBS has stuck B&B in a lousy spot. The main thing is that B&B i s still in the TV public eye, at least for the summer. So, let's keep doing what we can to further the cause!

I'm sure you've all heard by now that CBS is not going to make a B&B movie. Does anyone know? According to George R.R. Martin at the New Orleans Sci Fi & Fantasy Festival it is highly unlikely, and that they probably put the B&B episodes on to bring up their sagging ratings during the summer. He said that it would be more likely for Republic Pictures to make a feature movie, but that will take some time. He also said that in order for B&B to survive on TV or as feature films, it would have to be like "Star Trek" where the fans kept it alive for years after its cancellation. Next to ratings, the producers look at merchandise sales of related products (legitimate products such as books and items sold through chain stores). He said buy [these official] products and keep writing CBS about how much you are enjoying the reruns this summer.

Issue 7

Keepin' the Dream Alive 7 was published in August 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #7

It was sent to 57 fans.

The episode discussed was "Nor Iron Bars a Cage."

This issue is dedicated to Ron Koslow. I know, a lot of people feel he "dumped" on them with the third season, but without his "vision" B&B would not even exist! Stop and think of the emptiness that would be in your life had you not discovered this wonderful show. I know that mine is richer because of it. Thanks Mr. Koslow, you've opened up so many doors and allowed us to reach for the stars!

I'm sure the entire neighborhood thinks I'm nuts! I like to walk for exercise, and since the start of KTDA... I often take pen and pad with me (I can't stand to waste time, and this way I can 'kill two birds with one stone.' On any given day my neighbors might see me furiously writing away, and I've only tripped once! so, I thank the Lord for fresh air, two good legs and KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE..."

Issue 8

Keepin' the Dream Alive 8 was published in August 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #8

It was sent to 56 fans.

The episode discussed was "Song of Orpheus."

I'm happy to say your response thus far has been favorable. As I began on this new venture of mine, I teetered between the "thrill of victory," (when I received encouraging mail from you) and the "agony of defeat.' (when I feared I was making a great big belly-flop into B&B fandom) Well, KTDA... and I have been doing one-and-a-half gainers lately. Maybe not always executed properly, but executed none-the-less! I'm so glad I "took the plunge" into KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE...

This issue is dedicated to [Betty C.], [Lisa J.], and [Pat W.] for letting me go with them to my very first B&B gathering. (Yes, Sir [Husband] gave his permission!) I had the time of my life, and like those of you who went to Tunnel Con said, "I can't wait until the next one!"

I left for Spartanburg, SC Saturday (August 4th) and arrived at Pat's house around 12:00. We were joined shortly by Lisa and Betty. We had a quick bite to eat, then loaded up the van which had B&B pictures and club posters in almost every window (We received more than one curious look because of this!). We got to Raleigh, NC around 7:30. We tried to figure out where we could quickly eat and get back to the hotel by 9:00 to watch you-know-what. Have you ever seen four women trying to agree on one thing? After much debate, we settled on a cafeteria at a nearby mall. The food was lousy, but we did make it back to the hotel with a few minutes to spare.

For four women who had talked almost non-stop for eight hours, there was barely a peep heard for the next hour, except for my occasional "raspberry" at a part I didn't like. Afterwards we shared zines, stories, pictures, etc. It was great to be with not only other B&B fans, but also two other editors. Around 1:00 Betty did the sensible thing, and said she was going to get some sleep, otherwise I think we'd still be talking! After breakfast the next morning, we took off for Apex (where [Teri J], our host, lives). Again, a great debate over where to buy our lunch. This was even more difficult as Apex has very few places to eat. We finally got something and arrived at Teri's house "fashionably late."

It certainly was an experience to put faces with names. No one looked like I had imagined, though how I think I know if someone is tall or short, blonde or brunette from their handwriting, I don't know. There were 22 of us (at least two were men) representing four fan clubs: The Crystal Rose, Matthews, NC, Central Park South, Raleigh, NC [2], South Carolina Society of Beauty and the Beast, Spartanburg, SC, and KTDA....

There was a table entirely covered with flyers, zines, and artwork. I thought I was a B&B nut, but these ladies put me to shame! There was at least five or six huge scrapbooks filled with photos and articles. And could these ladies talk about the show! I felt like a novice! It was impossible to keep up with it all.

After lunch we were offered a piece of a huge and delicious cake that had "Beauty and the Beast" written on it. Then [Angela H] played her guitar and sang a lovely song written by Pat Cash titled "Legends of the Tunnels." The afternoon was capped off by each of us getting an ornament or gift from the "giving tree" that we all had contributed to. Gifts ranged from a live, miniature rose bush to a tote bag from Tunnel Con, to an unusual wind chime and hand made ornaments. We finally left, albeit grudgingly.


We ate dinner on the way back and arrived at Pat's house around 10:30. Lisa and Betty went home, and I spent the night. The next morning I left for Shaw, and arrived home with plenty of time to pick up the kids, unpack, and make lunch before [my husband] got home. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would encourage any of you who have never attended something like this to do so. You'll have a great time!

Issue 9

Keepin' the Dream Alive 9 was published in September 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #9

It was sent to 57 fans.

The episode discussed was "Dark Spirit."

it is with much regret that I must raise the price of KTDA to $1.00 an issue, starting with Issue #11 ( October 1st). Many of you know I have put this decision off for months, and it is only because of those who already sent $1.00 and those who have given generous contributions that I have not done this sooner. Since starting KTDA... in February, I have spent several hundreds of dollars. While I do not begrudge this money, I feel I will become a little resentful about it in the next two or three years that KTDA.... exists. I have no excuse except being what I am, a 32 year old housewife, who underestimated the cost of her dream. In my ignorance I only figured in the cost of the copying, little realizing there is a lot more involved that that. I hope you all feel KTDA... is worth $1.00 more a month, but I am aware I might lose some of you. For this I am truly sorry, each one of you is special to me. Please know that you will always be welcomed back.

There is some good news though. Because of the extra revenue, KTDA... will start having 10 pages instead of 8. This will allow more room for your LOCS and other things I plan to implement in the future. I will be notifying you of your "standing" with KTDA... in the next issue. For those that have been sending 50¢ and a SASE, this will not be necessary, but to you who have paid in advance, I will try to get us straightened out. Please bear with me!

On a lighter note, to you who asked for a picture of me (though why you'd want one, I don't know!), I now have some to give out. I thought of being "mean," and only send them to people who sent me one of themself (remember my asking you that?), but I just couldn't do it! This is a first come, first serve basis.

Issue 10

Keepin' the Dream Alive 10 was published in September 1990 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #10

It was sent to 60 fans.

The episode discussed was "A Children's Story."

This issue is dedicated to none other than Ron Perlman. There is no other actor who could have taken the character of Vincent and made him so believable. With his "velvet on sandpaper voice" and those blue eyes, he has created a new romantic figure for the 90's. Thank you Ron, your fans will always be grateful!

Sue Krinard would like to apologize and retract the portion of her Tunnel Con report [3]that referred to "MasqueCon" and Lisa Stubblefield. This reference was in error. Sue got Ms. Stubblefield mixed up with someone else. She did not intend to cast Ms. Stubblefield or "MasqueCon" in a negative light, or to judge the con organizers an their opinions about "B&B." Sue asks that anyone affected, please accept her apologies.

Issue 11

Keepin' the Dream Alive 11 was published in October 1990 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #11

It was sent to 56 fans.

The episode discussed was "An Impossible Silence."

This issue is dedicated to Linda Hamilton. Her warmth, talent and beauty transformed the part of Catherine Chandler into a heroine we all could believe in. She is sadly missed, but best wishes are sent her way for her own "Happy Life."

MAKIN' THE DREAM A REALITY: well, well, well, it looks like The Family Channel did "edit." I am sure you feel like I do, hurt, betrayed, and ready to take pen in hand once again. There were many of us (myself included) that were looking forward to re-taping or taping for the first time certain episodes. Let's let The Family Channel know we are not happy with their decision at all.


Well, it looks as if another "Champion," this time The Family Channel, has let us down. But, it does not mean that it is over for us. We know better! For as long as there are Beauty and the Beast fans, there will be a chance of KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE.. .

Issue 12

Keepin' the Dream Alive 12 was published in October 1990 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #12

It was sent to 51 fans.

The episode discussed was "Shades of Grey."

There is not much happening in B&B news, but I'm sure that most of you know that. The Family Channel is still editing our show for each Friday night, but let's continue to be thankful that it is on at all! And, the "talk" is still about the same for a B&B movie. Mr. Koslow will start working on a script when his other obligations are fulfilled. If any of you hear anything to the contrary, please let me know!

Issue 13

Keepin' the Dream Alive 13 was published in November 1990 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #13

It was sent to 48 fans.

The episode discussed was "China Moon."

This issue is dedicated to all of our beloved family and friends who have put up with our obsession of "just a TV show." For all the times they put up with our raving and ranting when we didn't set the VCR right, for all the hustling to bed of children at 7:55 p.m. so we could watch this show in peace, and to our ever-lovin' hubbies (wives, sweethearts, etc.) who sometimes felt they were in the back seat to old blue eyes (sorry Frank Sinatra), we thank you.

Issue 14

Keepin' the Dream Alive 14 was published in November 1990 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #14

It was sent to 45 fans.

The episode discussed was "The Alchemist."

This issue is dedicated to Roy Dotrice, better known to us as "Father." Roy's acting abilities are extraordinary. He has given me goose bumps watching him play a "bad guy." And did you know that he was originally going for the part of Vincent? Well, I'm glad he became the one who raised Vincent up to be the wonderful, caring person that he is. Now, if we could just get Father to approve of V&C's relationship!

MAKIN' THE DREAM A REALITY...I don't know about you, but since finding out The Family Channel is editing B&B, I have not watched it on Friday nights. I would rather pop one of my tapes into the VCR and watch it in its entirety and at my convenience. Some of you are happy it is on at all, some have written me telling of new fans being added because of these reruns, and some refuse to watch anything at all on T.F.C. now. Again, this is your personal choice. Take your proverbial B&B ball and "run with it!"

Issue 15

Keepin' the Dream Alive 15 was published in December 1990 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #15

It was sent to 47 fans.

The episode discussed was "Temptation."

This issue is dedicated to all those tireless individuals who put out fanzines, letterzines and newsletters every month or two. Even with no new news on the B&B front, these people are still "pumping" out issue after issue in hopes of keeping the B&B magic alive. I salute you, It is not an easy job, but scads of fun with its own rewards.

Issue 16

Keepin' the Dream Alive 16 was published in January 1991 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #16

It was sent to 40 fans.

The episode discussed was "Promises of Someday."

Well, Dreamers, we made it through another year. It sure went by fast, didn't it? It was a year of hope and fear, laughter and tears, but we stuck with it. And because of that stick-to-it-ness, B&B is on TV again and talk of a movie is being heard through out fandom. Let's keep with it. There's still mch more to do in KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE...

Issue 17

Keepin' the Dream Alive 17 was published in February 1991 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #17

It was sent to 37 fans.

The episode discussed was "Down to a Sunless Sea."

I will continue to send KTDA... even during this time. Whether it will be coherent or on time is anyone's guess, but I will get it to you. It's hard to put an issue together and think on the war [in Kuwait] at the same time, so this really is good therapy for me. My one concern is the dropping off of interest in B&B fandom. I realize we are at war, we are coming off of the holidays, there still is no news on a B&B movie, etc., but I am finding letters and especially LOCS to KTDA... tapering off. I will give you what I am sent, but remember this "club" is for us all. There is only so much "filler" I can use.


I'm sorry for KTDA.... being "condensed" this issue, but there weren't many contributions this time. Hope that was only a temporary situation. I need all of your input for KTDA... to be a success. Don't give up now.

We still need to KEEP(IN') THE DREAM ALIVE...

Issue 18

Keepin' the Dream Alive 18 was published in February 1991 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #18

It was sent to 33 fans.

The episode discussed was "Fever."

Again, LOCS for this issue are numbered. I'm not sure if there are enough to put in chronological order or not this time either. It doesn't seem to make much sense to chop them all up (which I do mainly for spacing's sake), when I can just put them down in their entirety. I am not sure what I will do with this issue's L0CS, but we'll find out in a page or two, won't we?

MAKIN' THE DREAM A REALITY..there hasn't been much new to report here, but according to The Crystal Rose, The Family Channel has opted to not even show the third season. I guess that took care of what to do with Vincent and Catherine's "illegitimate" chi1d. Believe me, I now first hand that pretending that something isn't there, DOES NOT work, but it seems T.F.C. wants to find that out on their own. They will start repeating the first season after the trilogy is completed. What do you think the chances are that this time they will show them uncut? Hey, I am a "Dreamer" aren't I?

Issue 19

Keepin' the Dream Alive 19 was published in March 1991 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #19

It was sent to 34 fans.

The episode discussed was "Everything is Everything."

To those of you who got a copy of the episode listing for #13-#22, you will soon notice that I have "axed" the "Your Own Happy Ending" issue. Not only I don't feel up to it at this point in time, but I do not feel there would be enough interest or participation for it. I'm sorry! But, if you would like, next time you write, jot me a FEW 1ines on how you would have liked "A Happy Life" to end!

Issue 20

Keepin' the Dream Alive 20 was published in March 1991 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #20

It was sent to 31 fans.

The episode discussed was "To Reign in Hell."

Hi and welcome to the twentieth issue of KTDA... The old cliche is true — The good news is I am going to continue to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE..., the bad news is that after Issue #22, it will not be through this newsletter. Angie P. tells me #22 is a good place to stop ("A Happy Life"). The only place that is "supposed" to be the least expensive copy shop in town has raised their prices prices. Plus, there are only around 25 of us now (I hear this is happening all over B&B fandom, so I an. trying not to take this personally!). I am struggling to get an issue together with a lack of participation (I blame no one. We all lead other lives beside KTDA...!). And probably the biggest reason is that I am told my dear husband will be home [from the war] by the end of this month! After seven months of his absence, I am ready to devote most of my time to him. Any of you that are active in our fandom know how time consuming it can be, but add to that tenfold, and you will have some idea of how my evenings are spent. In "Sir Jeff's" defense, when he had first left for overseas, he told roe to continue KTDA... because I had committed myself. But, when I talked to him the first of the month, and I told him of my decision, he said he was glad. A few minor reasons for this decision are since becoming involved in KTDA..., my participation in fandom has been very limited to just it. There has not been time to do LOCS for others newsletters, do the artwork I enjoy or write the long, chatty letters I was able to before. Also, if the Lord "opens the door" we will be getting out of the Air Force sometime this year. All we Willses will be starting a brand new life.

Now to counter act some of the protests I know you will send my way, I know I could raise KTDA's prices, but with our small number, it wouldn't make a big difference. Plus, B&B fandom is expensive enough as is. To give me more free time, I know I could do KTDA... only once a month, but that would commit me for the next three years. I don't know about you, but I can't plan my life that far in advance, as far as my hobbies go. Also, since Jeff left, I have not actively pursued other "Dreamers." I did not have the time or energy to do so. Now, when things look like they might get back to normal enabling me to do this, I would rather invest that time and energy into my husband and children, not a full-time hobby.

This does not mean I will never, ever pick up where we left off. I still like KTDA's concept, and might one day continue with it. For now though, it cannot be. BUT, if any of you would like to "pick up the banner and run with it," I would be very happy to work with you. For all of the work involved, it does have it's rewards!

This does not mean I will never, ever pick up where we left off. I still like KTDA's concept, and might one day continue with it. For now though, it cannot be. BUT, if any of you would like to "pick up the banner and run with it," I would be very happy to work with you. For all of the work involved, it does have it's rewards!

In the next two months, I will be sending back all monies and SASEs to those of you who have sent them past Issue #22. If you have any questions now or later about it, don't hesitate to ask. I am not "running" with the money. Believe me there is precious little bit for that!

To those of you who have stuck with me, thank you. To those of you whose lives have been changed because of KTDA...I am grateful I made a difference. But, most of all to those of you who have become more than just another "Dreamer" to me, I don't plan on letting this be the end of our friendship (the P.O. will have to raise the cost of stamps more than 29 cents for that!). I understand that some of you I might not hear from again. I understand, and think no less of you, as I hope you will think no less of me for my decision. But, to you my "Beastie Buddies" (did you cringe, Barb?), this is not the end. It's just a beginning of a new phase in our relation

Issue 21

Keepin' the Dream Alive 21 was published in April 1991 and contains 9 pages.

cover of issue #21

It was sent to 34 fans.

The episode discussed was "Ozymandias."

Issue 22

Keepin' the Dream Alive 22 was published in April 1991 and contains 11 pages.

cover of issue #22

The episode discussed was "A Happy Life."

We all are aware that this is the last issue of KTDA... Ever time I opened a letter from you all this past week, a little melancholy set in. I sincerely hope those letters won't be the last I receive from you.

KEEPIN' THE DREAM ALIVE... may not be dead!!! I have an idea of sharing our LOCS by mail rather than this newsletter. The work and cost would be minimal to me (my reason for wanting to stop KTDA in the first place). LOCS would be sent to the next person on the list, and when returned to me, I would notify you of when to watch the next episode and when to have your LOC sent in. We could share CAT-NAPS, fliers, etc., and eventually maybe start a lending library of our zines. As this is an honor system (you would have 2-3 days to read each "book" and send it on its way). Only respond if you are 110% interested (I'm sorry overseas friends, as mailing to and from the states takes so long, this would not be advantageous for you.). Send me a SASE for more details and your own ideas about this.


  1. ^ The editor used "bimonthly" here incorrectly; instead of every two months, she meant twice a month.
  2. ^ "Central Park South may be The Society of Friends of Vincent.
  3. ^ It is not specified where this con report was printed. It wasn't in this letterzine.