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Name: Beth Blighton
Type: artist
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV), Earth 2
URL: 2008 Art Sale Gallery
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Beth Blighton is a gen and het artist and writer. Her work has appeared in many Beauty and the Beast zines.

According to one reviewer: "One of the few artists who could carry a zine on her artwork alone, Beth Blighton specialized in portraits of Vincent and some truly spectacular "couple" imagery." [1]

She won Best Artist award at the first Tunnelcon. Her Last of the Mohicans (see below) and her Tarzan Vincent portraits (scroll to the bottom of the page), inspired costumes designed by Stu Shef, a Vincent Impersonator.[2]

She also founded the Lionheart Fan Club (focusing on the character of Vincent) and published both a newsletter (Lionheart (Beauty and the Beast newsletter)‎) and a 1994 calendar by the same name.

Meta and Open Letters

GAFIATED from Beauty and the Beast

Blighton became increasingly unhappy with Beauty and the Beast fandom. In 1991, Blighton contributed a long letter to Once Upon a Time...Is Now #32. See All I can see of fandom is something that was once beautiful which has now become painful and almost unbearable..

In 1994, she announced her retirement from Beauty and the Beast fandom, but not before having contributed to many zines and art shows: "As many of you now know, Beth Blighton of the marvelous artwork, wicked sense of humor, X-rated zines, and Lionheart, has decided to retire from fandom at the end of the year. In the most recent issue of Lionheart, she ascribes her decision to the backbiting, divisions, and general decline both in numbers and high-mindneess in this fandom. I've received several calls from people seriously dismayed and depressed at the prospect of Beth's unique voice leaving us. And she definitely will be missed, by me as much as anyone." [3]

She would later go on to publish fanzines for Earth 2 fandom [4] and work on the revival efforts for HBO's Carnivale TV series and the 2005 CarnyCon, a Carnivale convention.[5]

Over the years, she has auctioned off or sold her Beauty and the Beast artwork as limited run prints and on t-shirts. The last sale took place in 2008.[6]

In 1994, a fan wrote this ode to her:

Your calendar hangs on my wall,
Your nightshirt's on my back.
I can find you in my T-shirt drawer
And my "favorite drawings" stack.
You say you're giving up on us~
You're tired, you're done, you're through.
Don't leave us altogether, Beth
'Cause we can't forget you!
I went nuts in eighty-seven:
Got hooked on B&B.
But wait~how could that happen?
I don't even watch TV!
Next year was even stranger:
Discovered fanzines -- I was lost!
Got addicted, had to have 'em~
Send them now, who cares what cost!
Woven in among the stories
There was art, some good, some poor.
Made me dust off my old art supplies
And try my hand once more.
Did you know what you were doing --
All you artists, writers too?
You were becoming our new heroes,
So we tried to be like you.
Fifty something total episodes
Were all we ever got.
How many total fanzines?
I don't know, but it's a lot!
I loved Beth and I loved Barb,
Wished I could draw like them;
Soon discovered Pam and Rita,
Rosemarie, and P.S. Nim!
Who's the greatest artist?
Wouldn't even try to say.
But we were first inspired by B&B,
Beth and Barbara led the way.
Most of us could not approach you;
But at least you made us strive.
We fans formed an empathic bond,
And I think it's still alive.
I spent more time with you guys
Than with Linda, Ron, or Roy.
You gave me warmth, and kinship,
And a special kind of joy.
Beth Blighton, I salute you
With my silly little poem.
Please remember that we'll miss you --
Hope soon you'll come back home.[7]

Sample Gallery

Also see untitled 1991, The Fire and the Rose, Blaze of Glory 1991, The Warrior 1989, untitled 1992, untitled 1990, I have been one acquainted with the night 1994, untitled 1990, Once Bright and Beautiful 1991, The Wind and the Lion 1992, untitled 1993, untitled 1993,


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