Castles in the Air (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Castles in the Air
Publisher: Excalibur Publications
Editor(s): Pat Almedina
Date(s): 1989-1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Castles in the Air is an adult het Beauty and the Beast anthology of short stories focuses on the physical side of Catherine and Vincent's relationship.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1 by Wendy Rae Smith

Castles in the Air 1 was published in 1989 and contains 187 pages. Art information: Includes pieces by Beth Blighton, Anna Deavers, Mary Stacy MacDonald, Dragon, Michele Hawley, Wendy Rae Smith, and Pam Tuck.

list of art in issue #1
list of art in issue #1

The zine is divided into "Book One" and "Book Two" which are separated by a poetry section.

  • Narcissa's Song by Beth Blighton (1)
  • A Brief Overture by Beth Blighton (7)
  • Untitled by Dorothy Cestaro (10)
  • The Glow From Within by Julie Crutchley--The unique relationship Vincent develops with another woman arouses Catherine's dark side. (12)
  • Mine to Hold by Linda Blumel (23)
  • The Decision by Linda Blumel (25)
  • Reflections by Helen Peters (34)
  • The Four of Rods by Edith Crowe ("Catherine is determined to make a place in her world for the one perfect thing in her life.") (also in Earth, Wind, and Fire) (43)
  • The Watcher, Missing Scene by Jeanie Humphrey (57)
  • And Then There Was Joy by Inez Paskat ("Vincent is unable to deal with the consummation of their love, leaving Catherine to bear their child alone.") (61)
  • Realm of Hope, He, Dare to Love, poem by Janet Dunadee (77)
  • Love's Education, poem by Steven Ronald Brattman (79)
  • Once Upon a Winterfest, poem by Steven Ronald Brattman (79)
  • Moment, poem by Steven Ronald Brattman (79)
  • This Happy Breed, poem by Steven Ronald Brattman (79)
  • Tomorrows, poem by Julie A. Cornell (80)
  • Alone in Our Secret, poem by Julie A. Cornell (80)
  • The Music is You by Jule Sutfin (81)
  • The Gift by Heather Peters (88)
  • A Triumph and a Gift by Anita Hoosen (Same summary as "Snowbound." Both stories end happily.) (105)
  • The Storm Within by Pat Leslie ("Vincent must go to Catherine who has had an accident in the storm.") (128)
  • Fever by Dorothy Cestato (137)
  • Snowbound by R.H. deBurgh (Some fans note that this is the same story, word for word as the one written by by Lynne Arthur in the zine Snowbound, A Path Not Taken, and The Swan, published in 1997) (142)
  • In Your Eyes by Patricia Leslie ("After the darkness, the hurt, and the pain: Vincent and Catherine forge a new beginning through the words of a song.") (160)
  • The Call of the Wild by WildHeart ("It's autumn and Catherine's feeling wild and restless. She's looking for something...but will she get more than she bargained for?") (169)

Issue 2

copy of cover of issue #2, Beth Blighton
"Once Upon a Dream" by Beth Blighton, is also interior art
sample text

Castles in the Air 2 was published in 1991 and contains 162 pages. It has the subtitle: "Promises to Keep." Art information: Includes work by Beth Blighton, including cover, Pam Tuck, Kriss Fanver, Gail Streigle, Dragon, Kevin Houseburg, and Anna Deariers.

Summaries: The Qfer says this zine contains the controversial story "Beloved" by Kathy Cox but doesn't elaborate on why it stands out in this way. It may be because the story focuses on Vincent having sex in the "doggy" position or that the woman in the story is revealed to be Diana at the every end.

From The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines:
Although the flier for this zine says 'While not a true third season zine,' buyers should be aware that the stories are set in a 3rd season or post 3rd season time frame, even those where Catherine appears. This zine encompasses a wide variety of story lines including: A first-time story; a SND story; Catherine's spirit returning to help Vincent through his mourning; Vincent involved with another woman after Catherine's death; and two very sexually explicit stories between Diana and Vincent. In 'The Dream Merchant,' Catherine strikes a bargain with the Dream Merchant to obtain her heart's desire. This zine contains much adult art.
  • Forevermore by Anita M. Hooson (1)
  • Boy's Night Out by Linda Mooney (Devin and Joe and their feelings for Catherine.) (34)
  • Love Once Found by Debbie Ristick (41)
  • Cheating Fate by Karen Thomas (46)
  • One Last Rose by Julie Crutchley (58)
  • A Time to Move On by Dorothy Cestaro (64)
  • Forget the Silence by Debbie Ristick (83)
  • The Honeymooners by Kate Thomas (88)
  • The Dream Merchant by Linda Mooney (Catherine trades her sight for having Vincent's child.) (92) (reprinted in Wee Bairns)
  • First Kiss by Margo Ann Quigley (115)
  • And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Margo Ann Quigley (117)
  • Forever... War of the Worlds, To a Brown-Eyed Girl by Kerin Houseburg, Pandora, tgr (118)
  • Savage Storm by MariLynn (119)
  • In the Forest of the Night by Margo Ann Quigley (120)
  • The Baptism by Beth Blighton (122)
  • A Wish and a Prayer by Michele Hawley (128)
  • Beloved by Kathy Cox (147)

This zine is unique in that each piece of art has a title.

  • Discovery by Pam Tuck (7)
  • Almost A Whisper by Pam Tuck (23)
  • Overture by Pam Tuck (33)
  • Forbidden Dream by Kriss Farver (43)
  • Temptress by Gail Steigle (53)
  • Now is Here by Gail Steigle (57)
  • Indications of Light by Kriss Farver (61)
  • The Rain Must Fall by Pam Tuck (97)
  • Just You, Me, and the Ice Cream by Pam Tuck (103)
  • Vincent: Reflections of Passion by Dragon (115)
  • Sentimental Elegance by Kerin Houseburg (117)
  • Once Upon a Dream by Beth Blighton (119)
  • Catherine: Serenity by Dragon (121)
  • Pray God You Can Cope by Beth Blighton (125)
  • True Nature by Anna Deavers (137)
  • Swept Away by Anna Deavers (141)
  • Night Moves by Beth Blighton (161)