A Life Without Limits (Beauty and the Beast anthology zine)

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Title: A Life Without Limits
Publisher: Mountain Rose Press
Editor(s): Margaret Davis
Date(s): 1990-1993
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Barbara Gipson

A Life Without Limits is a gen Beauty and the Beast AU anthology with three issues. Its focus is unusual: fantasy stories all in the form of Catherine and Vincent's shared dreams.

Shield of the Lion is a continuation of some of these stories.

Issue 1

A Life Without Limits 1 was published in July 1990 and contains 214 pages.

It contains art by Phyllis Berwick, Dragon, Barb Gipson, Judy Ley, Rita Terrell, Chris Schacter, K. Jackson, Kerin, Star, Holly Riedel, and Shirley Leonard. The artists are not identified on the title page, so you need to be able to read the signature on each illo, or guess as to who is responsible for what.

a flyer for issue #1
From a flyer:
Four days after the final scene in "The Rest is Silence", Catherine watches over Vincent as he sleeps. The pain medication Father gave him causes him to dream. Catherine is exhausted and falls asleep; she also dreams. These are the stories of their dreams of "A Life Without Limits"...
From the zine's editorial:

In "A Fair and Perfect Knight," Vincent told Catherine "You deserve a life without limits." Who should know better than he whose life has been bound and structured by limits.

A Life Without Limits takes place four days after "The Rest is Silence." Vincent is injured but will recover and Catherine, who has watched at his bedside for three days and nights, is exhausted. They sleep and dream. When we dream there are no boundaries or edges, this 'zine is the story of those dreams.

The cover art is taken from the story "The Honour of Your Presence," which due to space constraints, has been postponed until "A Life Without Limits II." Vincent and Catherine are in Aspen, it's their honeymoon, need I say more... ?
  • Letter from the Editor (4)
  • Meet the Contributors (5)
  • A Life Without Limits by Margaret Davis (7)
  • Serengeti by Beth Druhan (9)
  • The Great Protector by Beth Blighton (19)
  • The Journey by MariLynn (25)
  • Another Place, Another Time by Anita Hooson (27)
  • Revelation by Bobbi (50)
  • Heart Song by Gina Alkazian (51)
  • Wizard of Odd by Roxanne Shearer Koogler (53)
  • Obsessed with Darkness by Lisa K. Wildman (75)
  • Accused by Margaret Davis (Vincent's nightmare) (77)
  • Where Dreams Rule by Gina Alkazian (85)
  • Mithos and Kathmet by Sharon Wells (87)
  • In Far Off Places by Bobbi (99)
  • Journey's End by Lucy Green (101)
  • In My Dreams by Linda Mooney (117)
  • Dreams, poem by Kerin Rose Houseburg (123)
  • Ladyfaire by Kay Simon (Catherine dreams of knights and ladies.) (125)
  • The Statue, poem by MariLynn (163)
  • One Night Above by Marilynn (165)
  • Sweet Dreams by Cecelia Louis (177)
  • All That I Am, poem by Bobbi (184)
  • I Plight Thee my Troth by Margaret Davis (Vincent dreams of his wedding to Catherine.) (187)
  • Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream by Katie Ono (193)
  • The Carousel Dream, poem by Kerin Rose Houseburg (205)
  • Things That Are Not by Margaret Davis (207)
  • How Can This Be?, poem by Kerin Rose Houseburg (214)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Stories centered on the premise that, after the Trilogy, V/C fall asleep in his chamber and have a series of dreams. Lions figure prominently in two; one is a Regency romance with manor houses; one is Egyptian, with C presented to the new pharaoh, lion-headed V. You get the idea. Stories are all competently done and quite uniform in quality. Art by Phyllis Berwick (very nice, here), Dragon, Barb Gipson, Judy Ley, Rita Terrell, many others.[1]

Issue 2

A Life Without Limits 2 was published in June 1991 and contains 184 pages.

front cover of issue #2, Rita Terrell

Art information: Rita Terrell (cover). There is a vast amount of interior art which is not specifically labeled, leaving fans to determine each piece's creator by the initials or signature on each one. The art is by Amy Bechtel, Phyllis Berwick, Cheryl Duval, Barbara Gudlauski, Barbara Gipson, Kathy Jacobson, Jacquelyn Kapke, Shirley Leonard, Judy Ley, Lyndsay, Leanne McClure, Paula Ollie, Holly Reidel, Chris Schachter, Rita Terrell, Karyl Weldon, and Kathy Wooding. Contributors include Phyliss Amason, Eleanor Clark, Laura Davis, Pat Dunn, Lucy Green, Anita Hooson, Kerin Houseburg, Caitlyn Jay, Linda Jordan, Roxanne Koogler, Mari Lynn, Linda Mooney, Katrina Relf, Kay Simon, Diana Smith, Lisa Wildman, and Karen Witkowski.

From the Letter from the Editor:
Dear Friends,

It's a beautiful spring morning—birds chirping and sunshine pouring through the skylights—a time of new beginnings, a time of hope. We've heard little snippets of news about the movie recently and it is my wish that the news will draw us together again. The fragmentation of fandom in this group and that group vigorously defending their positions is regretful and disheartening. Now is the time to join hands and turn our faces forward to the future—a united future.


South of Oz is on the horizon and I'm so excited about seeing Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Jay Acovone, et al, that I find It difficult to refrain from jumping up and down and screaming "Yes!"

For those who have not read the first volume of LWOL, let me explain the timeline. After Vincent fled to the catacombs (The Rest Is Silence), Catherine prevented him from further injuring himself. Safely back In his chamber. Father treats his wounds and gives him medication which makes him sleep much of the time; and when he sleeps, he dreams. Catherine watches over him for three days and nights and finally, exhausted, falls asleep and also dreams. The LWOL series tells the stories of those dreams. In volume two we've moved ahead a few days as Vincent begins to heal.

I've been asked if LWOL 3 Is In the works. Well, sorta - there are stories that still haven't been told such as the Vincent goes to the cattle drive story and the story of Vincent and Catherine on their fiftieth anniversary. So, if there is enough interest, we'll do this one more time, which is a big hint for you guys to write some LOC's!
  • Letter from the Editor (4)
  • Meet the Contributors, a list (5)
  • The Brink of Hell by Phyliss Amason (7)
  • Sweet Abandon by Margaret Davis (8)
  • Beast of the Kings by Margaret Davis (9)
  • Haiku by Phyliss Amason (25)
  • Simple Pleasures by Caitlyn Jay (27)
  • Unfinished Music by Caitlyn Jay (33)
  • Seven-Ten Split by Linda Mooney (35)
  • Fantasy... Reality by Katrina Relf (41)
  • Might for Right by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (43)
  • Vision Out of Time by Lisa K. Wlldman (65)
  • Behold The Lion by Lucy Green (67)
  • Candlelight And Cloudshadows by Caltlyn Jay (73)
  • Dreaming by Linda Jordan (75)
  • The Honour of Your Presence by Margaret Davis (77)
  • Dream Love-Love Dream by Eleanor Clark (91)
  • Moonrose by Laura Davis (92)
  • Heirs to the Keep by Kay Simon (95)
  • There is a River by Laura Davis (124)
  • One Magical Night by Linda Jordan (127)
  • When I Behold Your Rough and Craggy Face by E. Clark (134)
  • Beyond Dreams by MariLynn (135)
  • Lion of the Desert by Roxanne Shearer Koogler (137)
  • Out of the Darkness by Katrina Relf (151)
  • One Hope by MariLynn (153)
  • My Hat with Ears by Margaret Davis (155)
  • Scars by Karen Witkowski (161)
  • Below by Karen Witkowski (163)
  • Tunnelwood by Anita M. Hooson (165)
  • How Long is Forever? by Margaret Davis (184)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

This time, the entertaining “ifs” of dreams take V/C to Regency England, the Arabian desert, Tolkien's Middle Earth, and a bowling alley Below, among other varied locales. Some stories follow up others in the first volume-notably, a return to “Tunnelwood,” Hooson's Regency romance, and a sequel to Kay Simon's fine “Ladyfaire,” “Heirs to the Keep.” Generally good editing, sensitive poetry, and fine artwork demonstrate that Mountain Rose Press is continuing its tradition of craftsmanship. Rita Terrell's cover is a knockout.[2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, artist is Barbara Gipson

A Life Without Limits 3 was published in July 1993 and contains 149 pages.

The art is not credited in the zine, but is by Chris Schacter, Barbara Gipson, Sandy Tew, Kerin Houseburg, Dragon, S. Leonard, Lindsay, Jackie Kapke, Holly Reidel, Pam Tuck, Phyllis Berwick, Michele Sayles, Star, Rita Terrell, and a few unsigned drawings.

  • Letter from the Editor (4)
  • Longing by Jeanne C. Peters (5)
  • Tunnel on the Range by Margaret Davis and Susan Regan (7)
  • Born to Be Wild by Roxanne Shearer Koogler (15)
  • Beyond the Gardens of Rivendell by Margaret Davis (Tolkien crossover) (33)
  • Celebration by Randi Pressman (51)
  • A Princess for the Winning by Lisa K. Wildman (57)
  • Legacy of the Lion by Kay Simon (61)
  • Fantasyland by Linda Mooney (91)
  • Searching by Jeanne C. Peters (99)
  • House of Lions by Lucy Green (101)
  • Darkness by Margaret Davis (113)
  • A Walking Shadow by E. Wyllis (115)
  • Epilogue by Margaret Davis (147)
  • Always by Margaret Davis (149)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Announced conclusion of this series. Among this issue's offerings:

Father and Mary, suffering identical amnesias, become bikers of the Black Dragon motorcycle gang (Roxanne Shearer Koogler's “Born to be Wild”); cowpoke V escorts tourists (including C) on a cattle drive (“Tunnel on the Range” by Margaret Davis and Susan Regan); Gandalf's apprentice V and his betrothed, Lady C, have adventures after leaving the safety of Rivendell, from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (“Beyond the Gardens of Rivendell” by Margaret Davis); V/C visit Disneyland (“Fantasyland” by Linda Mooney). An anecdote by Randie Pressman recounts V/C's attendance at a grandchild's Naming Ceremony.

There are also more substantial stories and it's these that raise the zine above the average. “Legacy of the Lion” by Kay Simon is a new installment of the Ladyfaire stories of Norman England-non-fantasy, even starkly realistic at times, with excellent situations and background material and interesting characters, beautifully written and paced. Here, Lady C tries to enlist the help of V's estranged father to secure troops to help V overcome a castle's defenses. In Lucy Green's “House of Lions,” C, virgin princess of ancient Greece, isn't offered up after all to make the gods yield rain: instead, a gods' messenger, winged V, arrives to prevent the sacrifice...and fall in love with her and found a dynasty. And in E. Wyllis' fine “A Walking Shadow,” C tries to continue after V dies, troubled by terrible dreams that make her feel he isn't at rest at all....

Finally, all the dreams end and V/C look forward to a life together...always, in Margaret Davis' final wrap-up segment by that name. Poetry by Lisa Wildman, Jeanne Peters, and Margaret Davis. Art (unlisted, so identifications are only tentative) by Chris Schacter, Sandy Tew, Kerin Houseberg, Dragon, Barbara G., S. Leonard, Lindsay, Jackie Kapke, Holly Reidel, Pam Tuck, Phyllis Berwick, Michele Sayles, Star, Rita Terrell, and a few unsigned drawings.[3]


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