Journeys (Beauty and the Beast calendar)

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Title: Journeys
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Journeys is a het Beauty and the Beast 1993 calendar with art drawn from a wide selection of fan artists. The artwork ranges from the sublime to the silly, from the dramatic to the playful. It offers perhaps one of the broadest overviews of Beauty and the Beast artwork and artists from the early 1990s.

  • January -- snowball fight between Vincent & Catherine -- by Anna Deavers Kelley
  • February -- Vincent and Catherine snuggling -- by Barbara Gipson
  • March -- Vincent and Catherine on unicorn-back (pictured) -- by Pam Tuck
  • April -- Vincent a la "Last of the Mohicans" -- by Beth Blighton
  • May -- Vincent and Catherine in a loving situation -- by Sherry Hildebrand
  • June -- Vincent and Catherine a la Disney's B&B -- by Cheryl Duval
  • July -- Vincent and Catherine with fairy wings -- by Dragon
  • August -- Vincent in starlight -- by Rita Terrell
  • September -- Vincent and Catherine in moonlight -- by P.S. Nim
  • October -- Vincent and Catherine at Stonehenge -- by Kristy Effinger
  • November -- Vincent and Catherine in the city -- by Bruce Holroyd
  • December -- portrait of Vincent by Rosemarie Hauer
  • January 1994 -- bonus month -- Vincent and Catherine in the countryside -- by Paula Ollie